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The final updates of swtor patch 3.3 were revealed on June 25. Similar to the updates in early June, this final note is all about sage & sorcerer and warzones changes. However, it seems make pvp more difficult since the healing classes, sage and sorcerer are nerfed. In this case, you may need more swtor credits cheap on Swtor2credits for help.

Sage and Sorcer are nerfed with the new weary debuff

Sage and Sorcer play an important role in Swtor patch 3.3. In the previous updates note, we have shown the Sorcerer/Sage Healing Changes & Warzone Trends. Now here the final updates are also about these two classes and warzone changes.

1. For Sage: Vindicate makes a new weary debuff that reduces your Force regeneration rate by 2 for 10 seconds and stack up the effects to 4 times. But it is not affected by Alacrity. Amnesty now removes a stack of the debuff if you use charge of Resplendence, restoring 2 Force every second for up to 10 seconds

2. For Sorcerer: Similarly, consuming Darkness makes a new weary debuff, reducing your Force regeneration rate by 2 for 10 seconds and stack up the effects to 4 times. And Reverse Corruptions removes a stack of debuff if you use charge of Force Sage, restoring 2 Force every second for up to 10 seconds. Besides, thundering Blast now has a travel time to match the Turbulence ability of the Telekinetics Sage.

The above changes have been alive on PTS this morning, some players indicated that the new burst of sorcerer is amazing, and the new force-management is as easy as it was before. Now it is just on GCD than off GCD as healer. However, there are also some players that complain the nerfed classes make pvp more difficult, and regard this change as a sort of going back to Noble Sacrifice, which was what most people complain about in the first place. Get cheap swtor credits us to test and see.

Kill amounts reduced & other changes in Warzone

In order to reflect the content better, the kill amounts of Soldier Medal are reduced from 10 to 4, while that of Commando Medal reduced from 25 to only 8. In addition, Healer Medal now requires more healing that up from 90,000 to 150,000, which could make it a lot harder to get 8 medals in an arena match. Apart from above, Savior Medal now requires 650,000 healing, up from 360,000, and Protector Medal now requires 150,000 protection, up from 60,000.

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