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Posted by homedrape on June 27th, 2015

Have you really thought of your pillow lately?

Sometimes you may think how much to sleep and manage your mattress. After all, you get cozy every night to serve the right one for you. Talking about pillow covers, feel free to add on for the ultimate guide.

So you wake up in the morning feeling stuffy! You may think it is because of the change of the weather or the coming month of a cold.  Sometimes it could be more troubling than this. Dust mites may occur which may create allergens as they are smaller than a grain of sand. This in turn captures with the covers and the blankets without being seen.

Protect yourself from allergies:

  • Using a dust mite covers as well as dust mite mattress can help you to protect yourself from the effects of allergens.
  • They are made up of special material getting them to the pillow.
  • The envelopes protect from pet dander and other allergens to accumulate in bedding.
  • Dust mites envelopes are softer and comfortable useful for children as they are waterproof.
  • They offer full protection depending on the severity of allergies
  • A dust mite envelope has openings no larger than 2.8 microns which will block most of the dust mites that averages about 10 microns.

Cleaning the covers:

Some care and cleaning are needed to remain it effective.

  • The envelopes will only be cleaned every four months or in hot and warm water.
  • They cannot be used with the bleach. However, they can be managed on low heat.
  • Vacuum the mattress before putting the envelopes in the place
  • Pillows can be placed in the dryer to help remove existing allergens before placing them in dust mite covers.

It’s what’s inside those counts

The stuffing is also very important:

Feathers (down): classic, very soft, great for stomach sleepers

Down alternative/ poly fill: soft, man-made alternative fiber, fine for all types of sleepers

Wool: more expensive, great for regulating temperature, resistant to mold and mildew to keep the shape so the investment will pay off.

Cotton: Compress over time, needs replacing sooner or later, it is a machine washable

Latex or foam: Very firm, perfect for back and side sleepers. Try a molded shape while sleeping on your back or side

Sleeping position:

The ways you sleep have great impact on the firmness of your pillow:

Back sleepers:

Required by medium support pillow, those who want the perfect position for head and neck

Side sleepers:

Go on best with the firm or super firm pillow in providing an even surface to help keep the body in horizontal line

Stomach sleepers:

When you sleep on stomach, discover soft, plump pillow, preventing an unnatural turning to either side

Go for softer envelopes when you spend more time on your stomach than on your back or side. People who shift sleeping positions should opt for a medium-density pillow.

Pillow sizes:         

There are four basic sizes:

  • Standard size: 20”*26”
  • Queen size: 20”*30”
  • King size: 20”*36”
  • Euro size: 26”*26”

Get to the wonderland of your dream with pillow covers online shopping. They are beautiful solid, bright and pastel colors. The envelopes vary in sizes depending on the need and particular décor setting. Home drape gives the complete look to dress up.

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