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Posted by jjlawfl on April 10th, 2021

A Child Support Lawyer Orlando knows that Florida Child Support is calculated through the use of child support guidelines worksheets and by utilizing a multi-faceted approach. The parties’ gross income and net income are determined for each party by assessing financial disclosures, affidavits and pay stubs. The incomes are added together to determine the overall number of child support for one or more minor children. This is part of the calculus for each parent’s share of child support. There are child support deductions for mandatory retirement dues, mandatory union dues, and for children’s and parents’ health insurance payments.

There are some tax consequences of child support you may need to be aware of. For example, the payment of child support is not tax deductible for the payor and it is not charged as income to the payee. This is different from alimony pursuant to the new laws passed during the previous presidential administration and may be subject to further changes moving forward.

Modification of child support is a hot topic in family law. Nothing is set in stone with child support as incomes rise and fall and jobs are earned and lost by both parties throughout a child’s minority. The court has adopted the approach that life happens and child support payment amounts may need to be adjusted accordingly. As a result, the court will allow a change in child support in the form of a reduction or an increase if there has been found to show by the parent a “substantial and ongoing change in circumstances.” The parent seeking the change has the burden to prove that such change as occurred. Having the expertise of a family law attorney can help with the burden of showing the court the proof necessary to effect a change.

An experienced Child Support Lawyer Orlando will help more with just changes to child support modification Orlando. One should understand that in the state of Florida judges can order one spouse to pay both child support and alimony. Statistically, the average child support amount for one child in the state of Florida is where the supporting parent earns a minimum wage/salary of 0. This number, much the same as child support orders, is frequently being adjusted.

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