What are the Drywall Problems? Learn the Basic Solutions

Posted by elain martell on April 10th, 2021

Home is the only safe place for us. But if your home is not durable enough, then you will face many unwanted accidents. You build your home with durability, but with times and the cause of constant weather change can damage your house walls, and it can be dangerous for you to live there. The most common accidents would be natural disasters like cyclones, earthquakes, etc. If you don't want to face these disasters, you should repair them as soon as possible. But what are these problems? The major problem of house damages is drywall. Drywall is the first thing that gets damaged and makes the whole house weak. So, let's find out the drywall problems and learn the basic solutions.

Common Drywall problems and its Basic Solutions

To find out the problems, you must know what drywall is. The drywall is a big rigid sheet, and it is called wallboard. The drywall installs on the building wall so, you can place your furniture against the drywall. It protects your furniture from the sun heat in summer and keeps them fine. The sun heat can spoil your furniture. The drywall installs without any mortar and plaster. The material of the drywall is plywood and wood pulp, asbestos-cement board, gypsum, etc. Among this gypsum is common drywall. There are seven types of drywall, regular drywall, green board drywall, blue board, paperless drywall, purple drywall, type X drywall, soundproof drywall. Each drywall has different features. So you choose according to your need. The common problems would be, ragged inside corner, rough outside, mud drying fast, cracking drywall, etc. To solve these common problems, you need drywall mud & tape. So let's find out the solution.

Ragged inside corner: How to solve?

When you discover that the inside of the drywall corner is getting ragged, you should use tape again. But use metal reinforced corner tape this time. This metal tape will combine with the paper flanges and will give you a smooth corner.

Cracking drywall: How to solve?

Your drywall can get cracked for many reasons like heavy air, rainwater, and wet wall. So, to avoid this problem, you can tape the joints hardly so that they stopped cracking.

These common problems can get big. So before the damages, repair it.

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