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Posted by Michael Welsh on April 10th, 2021

If you are asking that how much the fee for music is licensing cost, then its answer will not certainly depend on one factor. Many factors are controlling this and we will get to know about all of them here.

Factors like subscription plans, micro licenses, traditional licenses, and custom music fees, and lead vocalist charges are some of the controlling factors deciding how much you will end up paying.

Let’s get to know about each one of them in a bit more detail.

Subscription plans

Subscription plans are the best for those clients who have to produce a lot of video projects around the year from the same vocalist or musicians. This way you will end up paying a lot less rather than hiring a lead vocalist or a music production company for each of your video assignments.

Micro licenses

The price of a micro license is negotiable and you end up negotiating on this. This will be majorly controlled based on what type of video and music project you are doing based on your brand.

Music companies and vocalists will also check on the viewership base of the company and find out the global reach of the company. This easily implies that if your company or brand is an MNC that has a large audience or customer group in many countries you will end up paying more.

The reason is simple as the musicians will charge you more as you have a large viewership base. The micro licensing fee is not based on what song you choose as this will be predetermined based on the potential viewership.

Traditional licenses

This is also a fee that is based on after negotiations with the lead music company and the brand. You can hire a management company to get the negotiations done with the help of professionals to get the rate and cost on your side.

Here also like getting a micro license your cost will be based on your potential viewership and whether you have a domestic or international viewership.

Custom music

Custom music is just like enterprise licensing and does not have any base price. It is settled only after negotiations between the SAG new use musicians and the project cost for the vocalist or artist who will be providing the music cover.

How do you get the best pricing?

Companies sometimes don’t have the expert knowledge of such intricate rules and even don’t know about all the terms and conditions.

Thus, it is always best for the companies to hire a music licensing management firm and choose to go to professionals for best negotiations and getting prices within a favorable range.

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