Facts About OSHA HAZWOPER Refresher Training

Posted by oshaprosusa on April 10th, 2021

Being at work does not mean that the worker would have to deal with the concerned task without considering any security. While it is pretty evident that certain kinds of specialized tasks require specific protective measures, one might have to think about obtaining HAZWOPER refresher training. The term is not likely to be a familiar one, but people who remain exposed to hazardous substances may find the training to be effective in the course of their work.

This brings one to the core issue of understanding the meaning of the concerned term. It helps to learn that the term Hazwoper happens to be an acronym that can be expanded as “Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response.” It is a part of “OSHA standard 29 CFR Part 1910.120” with the documentation providing details about the training, including the eligibility, procedure, and benefits.

OSHA recommends this training for five distinct groups of workers and the supervisors and employers working in the same area. All persons who have to be exposed to highly hazardous substances are required to take this training without delay. The concerned workers do not have to touch the substances directly to be eligible for the training. Instead, personnel engaged in cleaning up the facility, storing the substance, transferring it to another area, and disposal of the waste products are at equal risk, making it necessary to undergo this extensive training program.

Moreover, other individuals who may not be directly involved with the tasks mentioned above may also be asked to train. This includes employees who keep the storage area secure or perform other duties in and around the area dealing with the hazardous material. It is of paramount importance to know what constitutes materials that are capable of harming human beings. While OSHA is not too clear about naming specific materials, it provides effective guidelines to educate the general public and employees working with substances that are deemed hazardous.

Touching / working with some of the things and situations that necessitate taking the HAZWOPER training are:-

· Highly toxic substances

· Life-threatening conditions

· Environments regarded as dangerous for life and health

· Areas with less than the optimum oxygen concentration

· Areas with fire and explosion risks

· Situations that require immediate evacuation

· Situations that need urgent intervention by emergency or disaster response teams

All eligible employees are required to undergo the initial or primary HAZWOPER training requiring 24 or 40 hours. The time cannot be decided by the employee, however. On the contrary, the type of exposure and nature of tasks need to be assessed for knowing the right kind of training necessary. Taking the training once will not do either. Trained employees also need to take a refresher course every year to remain abreast of the requirements and ensure protection at all times.

People who cannot find the time to obtain the training course may opt for OSHA training online that is available 24X7, with many employees choosing to take it on weekends.

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