Reasons for Popularity of Video Surveillance Techniques in School Buses

Posted by Aaeesha on July 1st, 2015

There are millions of children who go to schools in school buses every day. The need for their safely becomes imperative. With accidents and unpleasant incidents happening every other day, the parents feel insecure to send their children in school buses. But then keeping them at home will not be the right solution because of the growing need for education. This is not a good progressive sign for the various schools as well. In order to promote child protection in schools with the highest priority, most of the educational institutions in the cities have taken the responsibility of ensuring that a child is safe from the moment he/she is picked from their home in the school bus, with monitoring measuring in schools, till the time they are dropped back home in the school bus.

When there are many students studying in different classes and sections, the job may seem tedious or impossible but then thankfully technology is capable to find the best solution to help solve most management tasks as a breeze. As a measure to monitor the presence of children who are given a specific bus number to board because of the route, bus safety video is the convenient way to track if they are in the right bus. With a lot of buses owned by schools, children belonging to similar or nearby localities in a place are pooled in a particular bus for ease in tracking and identification. The videos are monitored by the surveillance team in the school very promptly. Even the bus driver details can be tracked because of this method.

With a lot of genuine concerns raised by parents because of the inefficiency of the drivers in certain cases, school administrations across most cities in India and abroad have finally decided to introduce bus safety video. The investment may seem a little high but it will save half the tension of the school and the parents with regard to child protection in schools. Times have changed and every child has the right to safety all the more than any adult. Parents and teachers work in harmony so as to ensure that children are happy and safe while at school and on the way. This type of comprehensive video surveillance solutions helps in tracking the whereabouts of the students, check for their attendance in their respective school buses and keep a strict watch on school bus drivers’ activities.

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