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Basketball is a sport in which 2 teams of 5 players compete with the aim of getting as many points as possible than the opposing team by throwing the ball in the basket. The sport began in 1891 in the United States, now the University of Springfield, when Dr. James Neismith wanted to find an indoor sport that would help students maintain physical fitness during the cold winter months. After several variations of the rules of the game, improvements in the size of the field, the ball and the basket, the first national basketball associations and federations were established - the most recognizable are now the NBA ( National Basketball Association ), FBA ( Philippine Basketball Association ), FIBA ( International Basketball Federation). Today, basketball as a sport has developed and become one of the most important international sports, popular with many spectators and sports fans around the world.

Learn How to play Basketball and Enjoy more Live stream NBA Finals Games


Team and Duration of NBA game

The NBA basketball match will take place in 4 quarters, each lasting 12 minutes. There is usually a 20-minute break between halves and a 2-minute break after each quarter. The total baketball match usually lasts 2 hours, because the time when the ball is out of play is not counted during this game. If the result is tied within these 2 hours, the game will be extended by another 5 minutes to determine the winning team. At the end of the first half, in the second half, the teams exchange baskets and continue the game by sending the ball to the opposite baskets. Basketball teams are also well known sports betting people. We will to telecast Live stream NBA Finals Games in the right time. Don't miss it.

The goal for each NBA player

In basketball, the goal for each player is to get the ball into the basket and score points, while at the same time repelling the balls thrown by the opponents and taking the ball away. The number of points according to the type of throw - is a free throw, which is awarded from a distance of 4.5 meters and hits the basket, 1 point is awarded, there is a throw from the square that gives 2 points and a three-point line throw that gives 3 points. According to NBA rules, the three-point line is 7.24m away from the basket. The basketball must remain on the court throughout the game, otherwise it is returned to the opposing team. The player must continuously dribble the ball when it is won. If it is not drifting, the basketball player may hold it in his hands for no longer than 5 seconds.


Basketball also has various remarks and reprimands. For example, an attempt to delay a player on an opposing team with an unauthorized technique is called a personal note. If a player has made strong physical contact with his opponent, the referee may issue a reprimand for an unsportsmanlike remark. If the same player has scored too many notes (the maximum allowed in the NBA is 6 notes), the referee may remove that player from the court, and the opposing team, if all notes have been in the quarter, will take free throws after each penalty. The basketball game is observed and supervised by at least 2 referees.

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