The Importance of Web Design: The Attractive Way to Promote Your Business Online

Posted by rycoweb on July 2nd, 2015

People have been saying that a well-designed website isn't everything. While it is true that a pretty web design alone cannot get you the kind of traffic that your business needs to effectively promote what you offer, proper web design still plays a huge role in capturing and keeping people's attention and encouraging them to stay on your landing page, or better yet, dig deeper into your site, which means more time to initiate calls to action.

When building a website, it is important that you also invest in a compelling web design, because just like any other marketing vehicle, your website should be able to draw people in, instead of merely informing them about the things that you can offer. Whether you are building a company website from scratch or giving your outdated design a facelift, it is important to know how this investment will help you promote your business, so you can sell the idea to your higher ups more easily.

A well-designed website will not only help you generate more customer traffic, but also increase conversion, thanks to an easy to navigate interface and tailored content. You will be surprised at the kind of impact a well-designed website can have to your business' ability to generate new business. As superficial as a beautifully designed website may seem, it goes a long way in promoting your business, establishing its credibility, and strengthening your brand in the eyes of your repeat customers and target audiences. The following are more reasons why web design is such an important part of web promotion:

  • Smooth navigation – Proper web design allows for easier and more user-friendly navigation of your site. Navigation can make or break a website, especially one with many pages. While one-page websites are more preferred by businesses these days, it can't be helped at times to have a few separate pages where you can explain your offerings further. If this is the case for your website, it is important to have good navigation design that is easy to understand and maximises your visitors' time on the site.
  • Brand consistency – Good web design also allows you to have good brand consistency, which is very important in maintaining a good business image. Logos, brand colors, messaging, and imagery should be carried over to your website design so you can strengthen your image and achieve consistency and continuity in your promotional materials and channels.

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This article is written by Damien Ryan. He is associated with Rycoweb. Rycoweb is an ethical company who specialise in making their clients/online partners money, ensuring high levels of ROI and maximising profit margins, locally and internationally. They have offices in the UK and Ireland, but work internationally for clients of all sizes in multiple industries.

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