Abundance life wheel to tackle stress

Posted by adminarticle32 on July 2nd, 2015

How to deal with stress is a dominant thought in the minds of most individual’s in modern times. Not a single individual is free from stress. Students, office goers, housewives- all have to deal with different forms of stress. This takes a huge toll on their health. This is the reason why ways of dealing with stress is so very important for these individuals.

The abundance life wheel is one such way of dealing with the stress and coping effectively with it. Stress relief games like this helps in focusing on the individual’s weak points and enables one to deal with it easily. The wheel indicates the area in your life where changes need to be made by you. This is a fun activity and helps one to deal effectively with the stress related matters in their lives.

The stress relief game is in the form of a windmill. It gives different answers to different individuals based on their responses. No two responses will be same as the individuals are different and so are their problems. With this game the individual will be able to know those areas where he needs to focus more on. If the person is already in the right direction, then he requires less push.  But if the person is not in that direction, then more push is required by the individual.

How will this game change the lives of people is what people may ask. There are times when people do not understand why they are so less charged in their work. Is it due to the office or home environment? With this game they will be able to know the answers. If the home environment is not conducive, they can take the family members out on a vacation. This will help in creating positive changes in the minds of the individuals.

The solution does not always have to be expensive. It can be a small trip nearby with your family. The main idea is to cut the stress away from your lives, which is the main point of this stress reliving game. If that can be achieved, then the purpose of the game is served.

Hence with the help of this abundance The wheel of life | Wheel of life template | Work life balance, one can make positive changes and also help in eliminating the side effects of stress and anxiety in their day to day lives effectively.

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