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Posted by promedsolutions123 on April 11th, 2021

Grooming oneself includes the removal of unwanted hair periodically. The age-old practice of shaving off the abundant growth or tweezing out a few stray hairs may prove effective but comes with a cost. There is re-growth before long, with coarse stubble marring one’s appearance too. This is one of the most significant reasons for the general populace to favor using quality laser hair removal machines in Newport Beach and Irvine, CA.

There is absolutely nothing to be worried about when utilizing the laser on the body to remove unwanted hair either. Instead, the process happens to be both quick and painless, with no significant side effects to inconvenience the user. It has become the most used cosmetic procedure across the US today, with both men and women extremely pleased with the outcome. The technology utilized to make the hairy area smooth and blemish-free uses highly concentrated light to be directed on hair follicles in the chosen area. The follicular pigments absorb the light instantaneously, getting destroyed in the process.


As with almost everything in life, removing hair by a laser machine necessitates one to be well prepared for the procedure. The person hoping to undergo the treatment is usually asked to refrain from all other hair removal means for at least six weeks before the laser machine is used. The concerned individual is asked to stay indoors for the same period to prevent sun exposure. Skin is usually bunt by the UV Rays of the sunlight that may affect this kind of treatment adversely or result in complications after the laser treatment.


· The hair in the selected area is trimmed carefully so that only a few millimeters of hair remains visible.

· An intense numbing lotion is then applied to the area to eliminate the stinging effect of the pulses of light directed on the body part.

· The laser machine that is used for the procedure would be adjusted to suit the skin type, hair color, location, and extent of removal

· The professional will be clothed in protective garb, and the user may need to wear some eye protection to prevent damage by laser

· The skin will be protected with the application of a cooling gel on the surface hat will facilitate penetration of hair follicles by a pulse of light

· The area is cooled with the aid of an ice pack or a cooling agent, with the user being asked to undergo the process once after six months. The process will have to continue until the hair ceases to grow.


The procedure makes use of advanced technology that is entirely painless. The user may feel a sting now and then during the process, but no injury or redness of the skin will be apparent afterward.

Dermatologists and doctor’s clinics invest in laser machines usually. Many beauty salons also offer the treatment and may prefer to buy used laser machines in Beverly Hills and Irvine, CA, to keep the investment low.

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