Significance Of Environmental Monitoring In Agriculture

Posted by UbiBot on April 12th, 2021

Ubibot helps its partners by providing smart IoT and AI-based products which help them cutting off expenses and to contribute to business growth in the competitive business world. They also specialize in industrial wireless sensors and Wi-Fi vibration sensor. 

There is no doubt that the rapid increase in the human population is creating a lot of pressure on farmers to increase their yields to feed the world. According to a recent report the farmers have to increase the production by 50% till 2050 or else the majority of the human population will have to starve at that time. There is no room for wastage in the agriculture industry. 

The smart AI-based environmental monitoring system developed by Ubibot ensures that farmers have access to their fields all across the globe. The AI-based system also generates emergency alerts when the system needs manual guidance. It can also predict the weather forecast which can help farmers in managing their workloads effectively. 

The AI-based sensors and drones also ensure that farmers have regular access to fields and can also eliminate any spreading disease. They can also isolate a particular infected crop to prevent it from infecting the field. The AI-based drones can help farmers in finding the infected crop which helps them in saving both time and investment. There is also a wide range of sensors that farmers can use in several aspects. 

They can use an optical device that can regularly monitor the health of the crop and a seed monitoring device, IoT, or Internet of Things-based sensors to prevent adverse environmental impact on plants. Due to the advancement of technology we have automatic tractors and other vehicles which are helping farmers and promoting precision farming. 

About Us: It has taken some time for modern technologies to contribute to the agricultural sector but now scientists and engineers are doing their best to simplify the industrial operation. Ubibot provides smart server room environmental monitoring equipment which is easy to install and operate and aims to modernize daily agriculture operations.

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