Debunking the Top Five Lemon Law Myths

Posted by Andrew Richardson on April 12th, 2021

We all know that legal cases can be complicated. Wrong information on the process or even the law can be misguiding for someone who wishes to file a lawsuit. Lemon law is no different either. 

With so many false claims and myths making the round of the internet, many people have a problem pursuing the case or understanding how will the lemon law help them to obtain the best value from the defective vehicles. 

So, we have compiled this article with the top five myths of Lemon Law in Washington, along with the truth, so you can make the sound choice. 

1- Used vehicles aren’t eligible for lemon law

As per the state lemon law, even used vehicles are eligible for a refund or a buyback if they are covered under a dealer warranty, factory warranty, an implied merchantability warranty or other types of express warranty. 

2- Lemon law is a too lengthy process 

Well, one cannot pinpoint the exact timeline of the lemon law case because many factors can affect it, such as:

  • Strength of the case.

  • The evidence you have gathered like receipts, invoices, etc. 

  • The experience of your attorney. 

  • It can take anywhere from four to six months. 

3- Any attorney can help with lemon law

If you want to prevail in the lemon law case, then having an experienced attorney on your side is important. And that means the lawyer must have experience in handling a similar case as per state law. So, it is wise to work with a lemon law lawyer only. 

4- The vehicle needs to be taken for repairing at least four or more times

Well, this isn’t a totally true statement. This is because, besides the state you reside in, the warranty you have and other factors, the repairing attempts can vary. 

Likewise, even if the first defect directly impacts the use, value and safety of the vehicle, then you don’t need to take your vehicle for a minimum number of repair attempts—for instance, fire issues. 

5- You will end up losing a lot of money with the lemon law case

This is one of the biggest myths that chase people off from hiring a lemon law attorney. Well, let us clear the fact here, as per lemon law, it is the manufacturer who is responsible for paying the incurred legal cost. And that means your attorney will request his legal fees from the manufacturer and not you, regardless of what remedy you choose. 

To sign off

It is wise to note that myths are nothing more than just wrong information. So, it is better to always talk with professionals to check your facts. 

We are hopeful that this article was able to shed light on important information around Lemon Law in Washington. 

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