Advantages of using conveyor belt deicer in industries

Posted by novamen on July 4th, 2015

Although we are all worried about the summer heat, the problem that we face during winters is much more tiresome and mindboggling. As a person running an industry or managing it, you would know the troubles you face with ice blocking the way for your produces to reach clients on time.

The deicer is one such product that helps us tackle such situations effectively. As the name suggests, a deicer is one which can help in melting the ice from our conveyor belts and keeping it in perfect shape. Also, the deicer can only keep the conveyor belts from stopping their job in the midway.

There are, thus, many advantages of using a deicer. You can either use a potassium acetate deicer or glycerin deicer, both act the same way, depending upon where you need them, to tackle the tough and frozen conveyor belt and keep it running.

So, let us list out a few disadvantages of not using such efficient deicers in our industry.

•    Conveyor belts are highly necessary for our industries to run smoothly and efficiently. What happens when your belt stops due to ice formation? Your production stops midway, and you are forced to end the shift because you cannot do anything. Thus, we lose manpower, productivity, and money in just a matter of minutes, all due to frozen conveyor belts. A deicer, if applied to the conveyor belt, can help you in tackling this problem and also to save energy as well as acost in the process.

•    Time delays for sending a product to your customer can cost you many things apart from money. It can cost you your reputation, and customer satisfaction. The client you have dissatisfied might not come back to you. Thus, you lose a customer too, sometimes.
•    Materials may also be destroyed if a conveyor belt stops in the middle of production while carrying all your essential goods. Again, you lose so many things with it- money, materials, time and what not.

Now, as for the advantages:

•    You save money
•    You save on manpower
•    You get to deliver materials on time, come rain or snow
•    The materials are not lost, but will be used efficiently
•    You maintain customer satisfaction, and thus, retain them.

Thus, all in all, having a deicer handy for those cold and snow covered days, can work out to your best advantage. Order the best deicer online, to remain ready for any such situations.

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