The Mental Health Issues Affecting Teenagers During COVID-19 Pandemic

Posted by Muhammad Faisal on April 12th, 2021

COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we expected life to be. Creating a world that needs to be under lockdown again as the world braces for the third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. We have experienced the loss of loved ones, children have been of schools, people have lost jobs and homes. The world has turned upside down for many of us. This turn from a normal way of life has affected the mental health of youngsters or teenagers. The uncertainty that comes with the COVID-19 pandemic can result in anxiety, stress, and depression.


Life of a Teenager

Teenagers go through changes during the adolescent years, it can be a difficult time for many of them. They do not feel like children and are not yet adults. This period is also marked by physical changes in the body which can be hard to handle for some.


Lockdowns and Being Stuck at Home

This is the third COVID-19 pandemic lockdown since early 2020. Children and teenagers had the opportunity to go to school or colleges but that did not last long. Teenagers across the world are stuck at home under lockdown. Being cooped up at home all day is not easy for adults even. The feeling of not being in control of your life can cause depression, anxiety, and stress. This has been the case for teenagers as well.


While for some lockdowns brought families closer together. Some teenagers felt they could no longer meet their friends or people they could rely on. The use of mobile phones has helped keep in touch but with no movement or any outside activity.


Losing Friendships and Loneliness

Another aspect of the lockdown was loneliness which is never healthy. Teenagers have felt lonely with the closure of schools and colleges and being stuck at home.


Schools can be a place for making friends or keeping in touch with them. While the use of phones allows teenagers to keep in touch, but it is still as good as the real thing.


The Covid-19 lockdowns have also created distances in friendships. This is because we do not get to see them, and the lack of activity has reduced the reasons for conversations. It is a difficult time for teenagers who were already facing mental health issues.


Losing Loved Ones

Teenagers have lost parents, grandparents, teachers to COVID-19. The loss of loved ones leaves you heartbroken. The COVID-19 lockdown does not let you meet friends or extended families to help you through the pain.


Losing a parent creates a hole in the life of a child and so many had to go through this pain in the past one and half years. This kind of grief can be very painful to deal with even with support. During the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a lack of support. A teenager cannot go out and seek help or go to school where they can take their mind off the loss and get busy.

These restrictions further cause mental health issues in teenagers and they need help. Help can come from professionals, friends, and extended families.


Feeling Left Behind due to Closure of Schools

There is an uncertainty that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought into our lives. The closure of schools across the world will harm children. Many children may not even go back to school because they have been out for so long. Not everyone had the opportunity to switch to online schooling. The feeling of loss and uncertainty is difficult to manage. Teenagers can feel depressed and stressed when they cannot be sure of what will happen next.


Even with online classes, teenagers feel they are not able to study and worry about their future.


Asking for Help

Asking for help is not easy in the COVID-19 pandemic and teenagers with previous mental health issues. They may feel even more burdened by their current dilemma. Some can talk to someone who might prescribe them medication to reduce stress, depression, and anxiety. Today, the delivery of these medications can be through online prescription delivery services. They send pre-packaged medication at your doorstep which is convenient and safe during COVID-19.


How do we Move Forward?

The past year has been difficult for teenagers to say the least but with the right support, their journey can be easier. Parents need to be aware of their mental health of their children. To help them and spend time with them so they do not feel lonely in these trying times. Try to do an activity, find a hobby, or do chores together. Anything that allows a teenager to be busy and not think about things that may affect their mental health.


Things are slowly and steadily coming back to normal but not at the pace we would like it to be, but we must make do and try our best to get through these times and survive.

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