Challenges Of Posting a Bail In Harris County And San Antonio, TX

Posted by allaboutbailbondshouston on April 12th, 2021

Instances of ordinary folks being arrested for an offense are widespread. It does make one a hard-core criminal, however. On the contrary, most first-time offenders and people being charged for violation of traffic rules are scared about spending time in jail until the time comes for being produced in court. Well, one does not have to live in that unhealthy environment at all. One is free to check the provisions offered for obtaining bail bonds in San Antonio and Dallas, TX, and be released without bothering the friends or family to part with their hard-earned money either.

Thankfully, obtaining bail at the earliest can help the defendant to avoid stress and enjoy living at home. The only necessity here would be to appear at the court on the specified date and hour for the hearing. Sure, the term is a prevalent one, but most law-abiding citizens have no clue about its actual significance. It suffices to learn that the individual who is taken into custody by the law enforcement officials would be free to go after a specific amount of money is paid to the court. Unfortunately, not all offenders have the required amount handy and have to rely on professional bail bondsmen or a bail bond agency to procure it. The amount is not retained by the court, however. Instead, it is returned to the party who paid it after the defendant appears at the court as pledged.

Not all bail bonds are the same, though. Different offenses necessitate different kinds of bail bonds as well. The most standard type that a bail bondsman can arrange to pay is referred to as a surety bond, where a third party agrees to pay the required amount to the court if the defendant fails to make an appearance as promised.

The service does not come free of cost either. The defendant or the concerned family members or friends need to pay a small fee to gain this privilege. Most individuals find it to be a small price to pay for such a benefit. The cost is usually equal to 10% of the bail money, and any agent charging more than that should be avoided as they are likely to be indulging in fraudulent practices.

The practice of bail bonds is not recognized internationally. Instead, one can avail of this advantage only in the USA and Philippines. Sadly, not all the 50 States of the USA have provisions for obtaining bail bonds either. While this practice comes with several advantages, the possibility of being duped by dishonest persons trying to pass off as licensed professionals is not unheard of either. It is most important to conduct discrete research before appointing a person claiming to be adept at providing bail in Harris County and San Antonio, TX, within minutes. Sure, the defendant is likely to be in a tearing hurry to escape from the confinement, but one needs to remain alert and weigh the pros and cons before agreeing to sign the contract with the bail bondsman or agency.

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