Top 10 Fireplace Safety Tips to consider

Posted by Rex Conner on April 13th, 2021

Fireplaces are an essential part of your home in the winter days. They not only serve you warmth but also elevate the look of your room. Apart from properly maintaining your fireplace, you might also need to focus on the importance of ensuring fireplace safety. Following certain tips will help you provide safety and to properly maintain the fireplace for a longer run. These tips apply to any kind of fireplaces like- gas fireplaces, wood fireplaces or electric fireplaces. (Information source:

1. Know What To Burn

Make sure you only burn simple stuff in a fireplace like wood or manufactured logs and stay away from items like shiny and glossy papers that release toxic fumes. Keep the damper open and leave it open till the fire gets extinguished completely. 

2. Create A Safe Zone

Always try to maintain a safe distance from your fireplace while using it. The recommended distance is usually 3ft. from the fireplace to avoid accidental fires or from any heat damage. Maintain a 3ft. distance also includes holiday cards, stocking etc.

3. Don’t Leave A Fire Unattended

This is rather obvious but a basic and foremost step to maintain the safety of your fireplace. make sure you don’t leave the fire unattended.

4. Prefer Slow Burn

Though the sight of a blazing fire looks attractive for a prolonged warmth it is recommended to go for a slow and steady burn. 

5. Choose Flame-Resistant Items

When you’re going to decorate the fireplace or the mantle, go for artificial trees and decorations that are flame-resistant. While you can also opt for flame retardant decorations but the ideal would be going for flame-resistant ones.

6. Minimize The Buildup Of Soot

Try to use only seasoned hardwood or logs that are manufactured that ensures a cleaner-burning than wood and minimizes the buildup of soot and creosote.

7. Have Carbon-Monoxide Detector 

Carbon monoxide is a colourless and odourless gas that is harmful and can even be deadly in some cases. Carbon monoxide can be produced due to poor venting or faulty burning and we can have the peace of mind installing a carbon monoxide detector and monitoring the production if any.

8. Have A Fire Extinguisher Handy

Keep fire extinguishers and smoke detectors ready and within your reach in the time of need. Make sure the extinguisher works perfectly and is not expired. 

9. Clean The Firebox

While many fireplace installation services provide cleaning of the chimney, but in the case for minor maintenance like cleaning the firebox, you can take care of them easily.

10. Clean The Chimney Regularly 

Fireplace suppliers often provide services including chimney cleaning with other services after a successful fireplace installation. Make sure you opt for cleaning the chimney at least once a year to prevent a sudden ignite from the creosote.

As much as choosing an ideal fireplace is important for your home and requires certain guidelines to follow, so is maintaining the safety of the fireplace after the installation, and during use.

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