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Posted by Richard12 on July 7th, 2015

OsMonitor is an authoritative worker monitoring software that is designed for companies. It accept client-server mode through one server monitoring all worker computers all the way through local region network or Internet. OsMonitor Software is records and tracks computer actions such as IM chat and visited websites. You can observe if your workers are working or not on the boss’s processor. OsMonitor also obstruct unwanted actions such as exact websites, games, outside drives and USB disk. Every monitoring data from worker computers is stored in the server folder. OsMonitor Computer Monitoring Software will make expert high-class management reports on how your workers are utilizing their computers.

Functions of OsMonitor Monitoring Software

You can take Screenshots/Camera-shots with OsMonitor, You can see Websites visited with Employee Monitoring Software, You can see Chat/IM conversation with OsMonitor, Email all the way through Outlook (contain attachments and SSL email), File tracking (e.g. Copy, rename, delete, share and plug/eject USB disk), Application handling/Windows opened with OsMonitor, Bandwidth use /Networking download and upload pace in actual time. Every the monitoring data are accumulate in the OsMonitor server computer. The information will not be unable to get even if the workers deleted the record on their individual computers.

Block unwanted Actions

With OsMonitor Monitoring Software you can Block Games or other unnecessary applications, you can Block Websites through URL keywords, you can Block USB disk or set USB floppy disk to read-only mode, you can Block Windows through window title keywords, you can Block USB port / Mute audio devices vigorously, you can Block big downloads or uploads that engage the bandwidth endlessly, you can Block transform IP address or MAC address. You will Send alerts to workers if the aforesaid actions happen (require to set for this) and inquiry every infractions on Network Monitoring Software and produce a statement. You can set several group policies for exact employees or section.

OsMonitor powerful Software:

You can Remote access to employee’s desktop with network computer monitoring, now like operating your individual computer. You can Remote resume/shutdown worker computers. You can Remote sight/end applications procedure of Network Monitoring Software for Company. You can Remote make sure what software the workers have installed on their computers. You can send user-defined mail to your workers that can be sending in lot according to departments. You can monitor and mechanically record the changes of workers computer hardware. Get backup documents such as Word, Excel and so on that you want from worker computers routinely and store them in the server. Make information of how every worker spends their time to realize their work competence. Create statistics of how much time every worker spends in which website. Make figures of downloads or uploads, therefore you will be competent to find out who download and engage bandwidth the mainly.

Author bio: I have extensive knowledge provider for the OsMonitor Employee Monitoring Software. Also, set up this software many offices.

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