How much is the legal fee for Lemon Law in MN?

Posted by Andrew Richardson on April 13th, 2021

When it comes to legal cases, everyone has the same concern, that is, how much will it cost to win the case effectively? And the thought of spending a lot of money usually haunts the people, resulting in avoiding the legal case altogether. 

And as we all know, the American law system abides both the party to pay their own legal fees. But, if the attorney doesn’t take an upfront cost, it is often because he is taking the case “on a contingency” basis. This means your attorney will recognize your claim and willingly take the case without the guarantee of receiving the fee from your end. But, the attorney will end up taking the portion of his fee from the proceeds of the litigation. 

However, lemon law in MN doesn’t work on that system. When it comes to lemon law, the process of acquiring fee happens on - 

Fee-Shifting Provisions

In the process of lemon law, the defendant is required to pay off the plaintiff’s legal fee if the plaintiff prevails in his lawsuit; this rule is termed as “fee-shifting” provisions. There are various consumer protection acts other than the Song Beverly Consumer Warranty Act and the federal Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act that follow the fee-shifting provision. 

Due to fee-shifting provisions, it becomes possible for your lawyer to take your case on contingency but with more beneficial terms. And that means, instead of asking you to pay the portion from your proceeds, the attorney will request for a qualified claim based on fee-shifting provision for a separate right. 

Be aware of upfront fees asked by the attorney

Even when the lawyer is expected to request a separate fee as per the fee-shifting provision, there are many who will claim a portion of your recovery as well as the lawyer’s cost under the fee-shifting provision.

So, it is important to stay vigilant while working with the attorney. Avoid working with an attorney who wants to work on a contingency basis. Instead, shop around and look for an attorney who is equally experienced and trustworthy. 

This is because, the manner in which a lawyer’s fee is structured, you may experience a significant impact on the compensation you will receive from your manufacturer as a settlement from the court. 

If possible, work with an attorney who specializes in lemon law and has been practicing it for a few years.  

To summarize

So, it is evident that lemon law is put in place to ensure that the consumer gets proper coverage for his defective vehicle even without the need for the legal cost acquired during the process. 

So, go ahead and hire an attorney for Lemon Law in MN without the worry of spending even a single penny. 

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