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Posted by nick_niesen on October 27th, 2010

With more and more car manufacturers designing hybrid vehicles, it?s getting easier to find a vehicle that both meets your needs and has the money saving and environmental benefits that you want. While it?s easier to find vehicles, it may be hard to decipher the various aspects of each mass market hybrid, so here?s a quick and simple guide to finding the best hybrid cars for your family?s needs.

When many people think of the best hybrid cars, they immediately think of the first two hybrids to be released on the market: the Toyota Prius and the Honda Insight. Of these, and really of all the hybrids widely available, the Insight gets the best gas mileage at 57-60 mpg for city driving and 56-66 on the highway. This two seater is also the cheapest of the group and makes an excellent commuter car for those who drive long distances, but is not very practical for grocery shopping or family vacations. The Prius on the other hand, probably ranks among the best hybrid cars available overall. A little pricier than the Insight, this vehicle gets around 60 mpg in the city but only about 51 miles per gallon for highway driving. With a roomy interior that seats five, and its standard hatchback, this car is much more practical than the Insight for most people?s useage. Sedans and Family Vehicles.

While the Prius is able to seat five, many people are looking for something with a more traditional look and a little bit more cabin space. The best hybrid cars in this category are manufactured by Honda, who has made a commitment to manufacturing hybrid versions of their regular cars; as of now hybrid versions are available of both the Civic and the Accord. You will pay a bit more for these, and the gas mileage is not quite as good as it is for the classics, but they will fit the needs of most families. A hybrid version of Toyota?s Camry may also be available, but costs a little bit more and gets mileage that is not quite as good as the comparable Honda Sedans.

For those who would like an SUV or truck, the best of the hybrid cars available for you is probably the Ford Escape. At 28 miles per gallon, this SUV nearly doubles the mileage of traditional SUVs. While options are also available from some luxury car companies, the Escape is a much better value with a reasonable price tag and standard features like AWD and ABS. The best hybrid cars for you will depend on your family?s needs and usage, but with a little research chances are you?ll find one that completely fits the bill.

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