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Posted by rahul on April 13th, 2021

There is a rising demand for XPS insulation board installation. These are required both in the homes and in the offices for heat insulation purposes. It is fair to say that while installing them you need to contact the right manufacturer or dealer.

 While there are many manufacturers of XPS thermal insulation boards in India there is one seller that is providing you the best quality and price.

Finding the best wholesaler and dealer of XPS thermal boards in India

This seller that is providing the best XPS insulation board price gives you the guarantee of the quality as well. It sells its products custom made as per the industrial standards or even for use in homes.

Getting price and quality assurance for thermal insulation boards simultaneously

If there is anyone dealer or wholesaler that can give you complete assurance and guaranteed satisfaction after installing your thermal insulation boards it is this manufacturer. It has a range of products for the homes and as well as for the various industrial clients.

The best price assurance is given not at the cost of quality. All the products of the thermal XPS insulation board category are specifically designed to meet the safety and standards in the industry. The company is in line with providing and meeting customer demands and satisfaction both from the cost and quality end simultaneously.

Custom made products to meet your demands

The company will manufacture a custom-made XPS thermal insulation board in case they don't have one that fits in the dimensions. The custom-made products give you an edge over this wholesaler.

The company conducts an in-facility or in-house inspection and will find out the needs of the clients. Based on that it will select the quality of XPS insulation boards.

The company will send an inspection team to your facility to get a varied view of where and what types or dimensions of thermal XPS boards will be required. The company will also conduct routine checks before installation so that the end product is durable and can sustain the degrading agents within the industry.

Suppliers all across India and abroad

Over the years the company has come up with unique solutions for retail and commercial clients. This is why it has been able to make so many standard industrial and commercial clients from all over India as well as from abroad. It is being regarded as one of the best XPS insulation board manufacturers in India not just for its quality but for its cheap and affordable prices with a wide product range.

It is a well-acclaimed company with years of trust and reputation. This has been created mostly through prime engineering and designing of the XPS boards as and when they are required.

The company has never faltered even in its deadline dates. With complete inspection to designing and manufacturing and installation and pre-conducted checks in the industrial setup, the company does it all.

Company information-

It is one of the leading manufacturers, dealers, and wholesalers of XPS insulation boards. It is extensively used within homes and other commercial buildings or for various other industrial purposes.The company has also started its XPS insulation board suppliers in Kathmandu due to the huge demand and the continued efforts of the company to be about quality assured innovative solutions regarding insulation.

AnalcoImpex is one of the best-extruded polystyrene insulation India manufacturers and dealers.
It has a range of commercial and retail clients across India due to which is it is hailed as the best-extruded polystyrene board insulation manufacturers.

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Address: 61, BhishmaPitamah Marg, Opp. Defence Colony,

                           South Extension I,Delhi 110003

Website :www.opsktimber.com

Mobile   : 9650067906 , 9315247089

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