Things you Must Know about Construction Claims

Posted by Richard Baker on April 13th, 2021

Construction claim is a situation in which two parties are involved and the either party requests the contractor to pay for compensations of damages caused due to failure in attaining his commitment in a contract or project. The numbers of construction claims are increasing everyday due to the high rise of complicated and convoluted projects. Managing such claims can be difficult and troublesome if you don’t know the proper way to deal with it. There are several other factors that you must know about such claims, such as:

  • Types of Construction Claim: There are several types of construction claims, some of which may be unknown to you. Such claims can be - change of delay order claims, price acceleration claims, damage claims, loss of profit claims, additional items and variation claims, price acceleration claims and many more. All these claims serve to be a stressful and unpleasant part of a contract or project.
  • Causes of Construction Claims: Conflicts arise between contactors and parties that turn into claims. Few such causes of construction claims are - Delay in starting or completing the work, delay in payments, due to partiality or improper execution of plans, delay in handing over the site, due to financial failure or technical inadequacy by the contractor and any more.
  • How to write such Claims: To write or prepare such claims, you must evaluate the contractual paperwork’s and review the schedule and project plans. Identify the issues and mark it to confirm licitness of the claim through required documents. Prepare a report and ask for the necessary claims from the contactor.
  • How to Manage or Deal with such Claims: If you’re dealing with such claims then you simply need to come up with a negotiation and settle down the dispute. If not possible, then hire the best attorney to resolve the conflict and litigations.

But managing such claims can be hectic and an expensive process. Here, professional assistance by legal attorneys can rescue you.

A construction lawyer will not only help to resolve the conflict by submitting claims and terminations but will also help to avoid such conflicts beforehand by making your budget plan for the project, making a schedule for proper execution of the plan, fulfilling all obligatory guidelines to meet, contracting both parties with proper understanding.

They also provide other services such as international mediation and solutions toshareholder disputes for efficient and proper execution of a contract or project. So make sure to hire the best professional legal firm to avail these benefits and avoid conflicts.

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