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Posted by apaksystem on April 13th, 2021

To achieve perfection in the world of printing, perfect binding seems the most effective for many reasons. Looking for perfection is the basic human instinct, and be it the clothes you wear or the books you read you want perfection in and around you and having an eye for excellence is what makes you stand tall amongst your competitors. When it comes to finding durable and cost-effective binding options, the advantages of perfect binding cannot be surpassed, making it one of the most sought-after binding techniques.

What is perfect binding?

Perfect binding is the binding method in which the cover and pages are glued together using thermal glue and the other three sides of the book are neatly trimmed to make it look even and stylish. In perfect binding,

The cover is generally heavier than the interior pages.

Square or the printed spine alleviates the aesthetics of the book.

Overall cost-effectiveness can be achieved.

Stacking books that are perfectly bound is not a challenge.

Printing anything on the spine is convenient and this is a huge edge over saddle stitch or spiral binding technique.

What is the process behind perfect binding?

This binding technique is simple, convenient and gives unblemished results. So if you are looking for some eye-catching designs on the books to make them look appealing, go for perfect binding and you will never be disappointed with the results. Perfect binding is an easy process because, in this, the printer stacks the interior pages of the book to form a rigid block. After this, the spinal edges of this block are roughed up with abrasives or blades, thus increasing the bonding area for the glue. The thermal glue is then applied along the interior page block and the book cover is finely wrapped around this block so that it sticks to the glue along the spine of the book. Once this is done, the remaining open edges are trimmed so that it lends uniformity and evenness to the ensemble.

Where is perfect binding generally used?

If you think that perfect binding is used only if the page count is 500 or more then you are mistaken. Any book which needs to look professional and has a minimum page count of 28 is fit for this binding method. Thus, perfect binding is used for binding:





Catalogues etc.

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