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Posted by Thomas Shaw on April 13th, 2021

In The Light of Eternity, Composed by Oskar Ernst Bernhardt an Early Egyptian sage, Grail Message is Shown. The first work was titled,"The Book of the Grail," and written while the Black Cross was on the horizon. This timeless book of magic and prophecy was written in hieroglyphic language, an example of a missing art written thousands of years ago. The words are still read now in Germany and contain references to the Knights of the Golden Dawn and the Thoth. In the new music version, Oskar has added his own touches to the traditional work. Get more information about reading while listening 1931 message

The story begins in the usual way for concealed object games, and that will be with you being confronted with symbols. The game comes with a small map and points of attention, but the real meat of Grail Message is found when you're shown the pictures of this Grail. You've got to use a magic lens to view them, and only one can be seen at one time. The pictures themselves are very strong symbols and with all the right code allows you to unlock a lot of them. As soon as you have seen all twelve you will hear a mysterious voiceoning from the Grail, who can declare that you can solve the riddle of the Grail by unlocking its secrets.

To do it, you have to use the ideal code mixes. Not that it's really that hard, but it does take concentration and a little bit of thought. The first part of the game includes a trip through a cave. This leads to another set of rooms, containing items which can be used in your quest. These include a knight statue, a sword, and several different things that can help you in your quest.

As soon as you have gotten all this stuff to use from the sport, head down to the bottom of the cave and solve a riddle to uncover the secret message. The riddle should be a logical one, or it will not make any sense. For example, if the person who gave the riddle didn't answer yes or not, then it needs to be something like"the blind man was walking round the shore..." or"the needle guy was standing on the bridge taking a look at the sea..." etc.. Once the code is cracked, you want to jump from room to room trying to solve the riddles you uncovered, until you reach the final resting place of the Grail.

When you enter the area, you have to see a vision of the Grail itself. You will see that it looks like a round, metal ball with golden rays streaming through it. Then, the display suddenly disappears and you are put in a different room, where you want to use exactly the identical code to get through the Grail just as before.

You should be aware that the game can be frustrating sometimes. There's a reason why there is a timer to the game, so that you know how long you have until you run out of lives. If you don't solve the riddles within a particular period of time, then you will have to begin all over again.

The graphics are rather nice also. They make the game seem pretty much like an interactive book or comic novel. The music is fine but not exciting enough to get my blood pumping. This game is definitely worth checking out in the event that you happen to love solving puzzles. I certainly hope that this game does get several favorable reviews because this game seems interesting.

I must warn you however, this game isn't for those easily hooked on gaming. If you believe you may spend hours doing nothing but clicking your mouse, then you might want to reconsider playing Grail Message. It's more than only a time waster. However, if you like to think about things in a puzzle-like manner, then this game may be exactly what you're looking for. I certainly hope this game gets more attention because it really deserves it.

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