Got A Hybrid Car With A Refinance Home Loan? Drive Easy

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 27th, 2010

There?s a spanking new hybrid in your garage. You?re itching to speed up on the highways and show off what you got from your refinance home loan, but please wait. Do you still remember how to drive with care?

The hot hybrid cars

The new small and efficient hybrid cars run on gas and battery. That?s how it got its name. It guzzles less gas and you get 10-15 miles per gallon than your old gas-thirsty pick-up. You reason that it?s time now to change to save the environment, that?s why you got a refinance home loan.

Your choice was a Honda Civic hybrid. It runs without the drag and is wind resistant giving a nice feel when you go full throttle. Whether on a dirt road or asphalt, you?ll do fine.

In traffic, your car shuts off automatically; saving you tons of gas money, and anytime you can switch from gas to electric without batting an eyelash. What a nice buy indeed.

Driving safely

A funny guy quipped that safe driving is getting away from the crazy driver behind you and ahead of you. So zoom ahead. But kidding aside, there?s a grain of truth to the joke. Distance between you and the drivers ahead and behind you should give you room to maneuver.

With all those news stories about car accidents and road rage, you should practice defensive driving and shore up on patience. You need to practice your skill rounding the bends and the treacherous curves.

Curves are the most dangerous especially when driving at night. Better stay on the right lane all the time. Don?t be tempted to cross to the other lane no matter how urgent your mission is. It?s your life, your car, and there?s your refinance home loan to settle.

Another driving obstacle is driving along on 4 lane highways. As always, stay on the right hand lane. If the coast is clear you can overtake a car and cross to the left lane. If an oncoming car loses its brakes, it?ll veer further to the left. So you?re safe from head on collisions staying on the right lane.

Traffic rules were not put up just for the heck of it. There is science here. So heed these and you?ll enjoy your Honda Civic for years and pay off your refinance home loan body and soul intact.

Other friendly reminders

Don?t drink and drive. If at a party, better sleep your drunkenness on the coach or let somebody sober drive you home. Also avoid making calls on your mobile phone while driving. Don?t get distracted. Keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel.

With winter calling, better prep your car. Check the battery, wipers, and the tire pressure. When on the road, you can?t be too careful.

Your passengers? lives depend on your careful driving, and the life you save be yours. Just because you got a sleek hybrid from your refinance home loan does not mean you can drive recklessly. Your car may be fully paid but your loan is not.

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