How Beneficial Is It to Opt for Laminate Floor Installation in East Setauket and

Posted by firstclasswoodflooring on April 13th, 2021

When it comes to installing new flooring in Smithtown and Brookhaven, New York, most homeowners will probably show their preference for the all-time favorite: hardwood floors. The beauty and elegance of solid hardwood floors are unmatched, but not everyone can opt for the same. Sometimes it is the price, and sometimes it is for other reasons that a hardwood floor does not fit in a home. Those looking for something more adaptable can opt for laminate floors.

The very utterance of the term laminate floors can raise many eyebrows and give rise to second thoughts in one’s mind. That is, however, only because they are unknown to the many benefits of the same. Laminate floor installation comes with its share of plus points that are a must-know:

Ease of installation- The ease of installation makes laminate floors a popular choice among homeowners. The laminate board is easy to interlock, which makes it easy to install. Laminate floors can be floated easily over most of the existing floors that save a lot of installation time.

Easy on the pocket- As per the cost, laminate floors are less pricey than hardwood floors, but that does not mean that they compromise on look and quality. It is highly affordable, and that makes it a good choice for all homeowners.

Available in various styles- Laminate flooring comes in multiple finishes that include wood, stone, and tile. Its availability in numerous colors, thickness, surface treatments, and plank styles makes it a favorite pick.

Durability- Laminate floor installation can guarantee much-needed durability. It is resistant to scratch and is known for its robustness. The laminate floor can be easily protected with the help of a touch external layer and resin coating. Its long-lasting nature is one of the reasons why it is perfect for high traffic areas.

Hypoallergenic- Those with problems of allergies and other respiratory issues can consider laminate floor installation in East Setauket and Selden, New York. Laminate floors don’t have any space available for trapping dust that can trigger allergies. Hence it is a good choice for homes with residents complaining of allergies.

Ease of cleaning and maintenance- A laminate floor does not give one much trouble with cleaning and maintenance. The stain-resistant feature makes it easier to clean the spills. No need to invest in expensive cleaners. Daily sweeping is all that one needs to keep it in good shape.

Easy to install on any subfloor- Laminate floors are easy to install on any subfloor that may be concrete or pre-existing vinyl floors. Installing hardwood floors can be difficult on a subfloor, but it comes very easily with laminate floors.

Though laminate has its many plus points, it is not without its limitations. It is not a good choice for areas that are prone to get wet. Leaks can occur pretty quickly, and hence it is a wrong choice for bathrooms and kitchens. They are moisture-resistant to an extent but not completely waterproof. If moisture finds its way into the laminate floors, then it can warp or swell quickly. Despite this, it still is an affordable and good choice for most homes.

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