300 blackout brass and once fired 223 brass available online for reloading needs

Posted by tedmark on July 8th, 2015

Precision shooters participating in competitive shooting require a regular supply of brass in huge numbers to practice the sport as well as play it. The 300 blackout brass or the once fired 223 brass come from the military. They do not need to bother about reloading much and so these are sent out for such use. Most of them are primarily once fired and pre-inspected cases. Since the cases are not cleaned and they are a bit dirty, for those dealing in reloadable brass, it is important that they sell it after the cases are cleaned and manually checked for quality. A number of safety procedures and precautions need to be taken to clean such brass.

In case of the 300 blackout brass annealing it is also an option and you could get it done by placing a special request. It would take an additional two to three days of time for the brass to be delivered to you if you have asked for annealing the brass. Since it is usually done on a first come first serve basis, you need to hurry up and request for getting the brass annealed if you want to receive it on time. These factory grade re-formed brass shells are absolutely perfect for your re-loading requirements. The reconditioned brass cases are in accordance with the industry standards and specifications given by SAAMI.

A number of steps are followed to re-form the 300 blackout brass which includes them being roll sized to match the original specifications of SAAMI, de-primed, washed and instantly dried to give them a spotless shine and a new look, hand inspected and quality controlled, swaged to remove all primer crimp, formed and full length sized with Carbide die. You can also get annealing done if you want it. The brass cases are sorted out by machine to ensure caliber accuracy. So, they are completely loadable. They will chamber and cycle in the gun without any hassle.

The once fired 223 brass come in two varieties including the public range pickup with .223 and 5.56 with mixed head stamps and the military 5.56 which comes with certified once fired stamp from the Lake City. The military cases may come with a crimp. The cases are not cleaned and processed so it is advised that you take precautions while handling the once fired 223 brass. Damaged and blank cases are removed as much as possible, extra shells are added nevertheless to make up for loss. It may take around three days for the brass to packaged and shipped. You may find crushed and corroded cases in the package as well but there are replacements provided for them.

These brass shells work fine for re-loading purposes, only that they need to be processed and cleaned well before use. However, for those who require a large number of reloadable shells regularly, it is much more feasible to purchase once fired 223 brass or 300 blackout brass used once by the military. It costs much less to acquire used brass in large amounts. You could get it processed as you need them.

Order for 300 blackout brass and once fired 223 brass for your reloading needs from reliable source.

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