How many planners really come out of actual combat in China?

Posted by sxyicai on April 14th, 2021

News marketing, investment agency, marketing, actual combat training and other marketing services, excellent planning, integration, and execution are well-known at home and abroad. As a result, you will get temporary benefits. Without consumer purchase, the product would be nothing. Your home moisturizes, my home whitens, or it is anti-wrinkle and eye-catching. What 'major breakthroughs in biological genetic engineering in the 21st century', 'the latest contributions of Nobel laureates', 'de-black factor', 'gene beauty', etc. As we all know, when cosmetics start the market, they must have differentiated demands and promise unique benefits to consumers.   Ten, blindly follow the trend and do not pay attention to product life. Coca-Cola can be sold for a hundred years. They The banknotes in your pocket are votes that measure the pros and cons of a product, not your own feelings. to be in place overnight. Regardless of the kind of cosmetics, they have a lifespan. Some manufacturers are often superstitious of creative masters. Even if the investment promotion is successful, the lifeline of your product market will be firmly grasped by others. They do not know that the success rate is too small. For consumers, the appropriate price of cosmetics is conducive to the promotion and popularization of products. are launched in all aspects, wow, it seems lively, it seems that the product line is extended very long, how long is its life?

Mr.   Seven, poor market operation ability. Unfortunately, how many planners really come out of actual combat in China? Actual combat is the last word, and actual results come from planning, but It is done from actual combat. Because they ignore the key principle of quantity, generally speaking, there are no more than ten good selling points. Imagine in today's era of product surplus, if you lack new ideas and strategies, and are obsessed with the same old things, how can you turn it around?    8. As everyone knows, the quality of products is tested by the market, and the key is consumer recognition. Anti-freckle, anti-wrinkle, etc. Think about it, how many cosmetics advertisements there are on TV a day To broadcast, in just ten seconds, does it highlight the product or the star, and what can consumers remember? The important selling point of the product is often overlooked by companies. It doesn't matter if there is no brand, it is always affordable at low prices, such as whitening and moisturizing.  

Three, superstitious investment promotion. Instead of following the trend and claiming high prices, one's origin is an aristocrat. The idea of ​​changing the world with a single product is naive and ridiculous. Now he is professionally committed to brand planning, public relations and communication. Isn’t it possible to learn something from this because of small losses?    Fourth, superstition shops. Without the desire to further study and improve themselves, this product market shrinks and then rushes to another product. It has received key reports from 'Asia News People' Weekly, Singapore's 'Lianhe Zaobao', Macau Lotus TV and other media at home and abroad, and its marketing cases have been selected by 'Forbes' and 'China Marketing Innovation Library' by Kotler Marketing Group. The appeal is unknown. New cosmetics always seek new selling points from them in the market operation, but due to different footholds, some manufacturers do not start from the market perception, but from the perspective of self-identity and self-appreciation to create the selling points of creative cosmetics.

Cosmetic packaging brand|cosmetic packaging company|high-end cosmetic packaging|cosmetic packaging container|cosmetic packaging bottle|Guangzhou cosmetic packaging company|purchase cosmetic packaging bottle|Tianyida packaging. They believe that the level of social consumption has been in line with international standards in advance. In short, the so-called innovative concept of many people makes people inexplicable. Yu Fei, famous brand marketing expert, Blue Ge Zhiyang International Marketing Consulting Agency CEO, Top Ten Outstanding Marketers in China, Glass Jar Manufacturers Winner of the 'Outstanding Contribution Award for Chinese Brand Building' recognized by 8 authoritative media and institutions including the People’s Daily Market News, Entrepreneur PETG Cream Jars Manufacturers Mentor of the China Guanghua Science and Technology Foundation of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, special contract of 'China Securities Journal' Brand consultant, chief expert of China's 'Brand' magazine, instructor of Tsinghua University's senior business administration president training class, top ten outstanding managers in China's health care industry, 100 most influential marketing planners in China, vice chairman of China International Institute of Health Sciences. As for the brand, corporate image, etc. The result? Now everyone knows that the promotion of cosmetics should highlight the effectiveness, but most cosmetics companies hire a celebrity to be the endorsement and show their faces on TV. . It is the leader of Lange Zhiyang International Marketing Consulting Agency, which is the 'Top Ten Most Influential Brands in China's Management Consulting Industry'.

In the industry, he has taken the lead in advocating a number of nationally influential The marketing strategy and business model have created considerable material and social benefits. Some time ago, a certain president was very puzzled about this. Too superstitious and creative. It looks like this, let alone opening up the market. Once you have operated for three or four months and your products have not improved, the other party will soon put them in the cold. Many cosmetics marketers like to do things based on their experience and physical strength. In the nearly 20 years of marketing career, he has successfully served many famous brands. Many small and medium-sized cosmetics companies, due to their lack of strength, often hope to earn quick money through investment promotion and avoid market risks.Ten plight of harm maquiladoras: tydbz as cosmetics, now endless variety of marketing tools, but the key is whether the use of these specific operating mode to attract the attention of the target consumer group and the infinite hidden behind their purchasing power, it According to our Blue Ge Zhiyang International Marketing Consulting Agency, there are currently 10 dead spots in cosmetics marketing as follows:    1. Based on his rich work experience and senior experience in foreign companies, state-owned companies, and private companies, Mr. Therefore, to compare the market with ultra-high prices, it seems that high prices represent good quality, and low prices represent cheap but not good products.  

Six, the price is outrageous. Yu Fei has been committed to elevating low-cost practical marketing theory to the height of practice and method for a long time. The actual combat must be more effective, just like the 'actual combat to create customer value' advocated by the Blue Ge Zhiyang International Marketing Consulting Agency, which truly provides enterprises with practical and targeted market solutions. This blind pursuit of quantity and lack of follow-up promotion will only exacerbate market instability. Many cosmetics are often eager for quick success and quick profit at the beginning, greedy for more and more, and can't wait for all single stores, stores, etc. If you only emphasize the quantity but the many selling points lack sales, then the army will be defeated like a mountain. What is there? How to use it?   

Fifth, play with the concept, make a mystery. The key to the market operation of cosmetics is to implement concretely and conscientiously. But some cosmetics insist on leading people into a well-off society ahead of time. What hot-selling products do you produce? I hurried to launch similar new products.yc-packaging. In short, they jump around with impetuous mentality, and they never get tired of it. Disappeared. .   Second, the selling point is not concentrated., lack the support of product efficacy and theoretical system, and not from the perspective of market demand Extending the true core concept of the product, but seeing the wind is the rain, I am following the trend and following others to plant a gourd and draw a gourd.   Nine, Gu Fang's self-admiration. Moreover, there are many products in the dealers' hands. However, many cosmetics on the market have the problem of high homogeneity., are far ahead of similar competitors


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