Unique gyro scooter for people with disabilities

Posted by clifton mora on April 14th, 2021

This device (segways) will help those who are https://www.uksegboards.co.uk/shop/used to relying not on their own two legs, but on wheels, to move freely through the streets of cities and towns. Such a stroller travels without the aid of arms and legs, this is a real find for people whose mobility is severely limited in everyday life.

The principle of operation of the vehicle is borrowed from the American Segway hoverboard. A chair is installed on a platform with large wheels, there is also a special steering wheel and a brake for each wheel.

The device, like its older American brother, reacts to the position of the torso: if you lean forward while sitting in a chair, the wheelchair goes forward, if you lean back, the gyro scooter reverses.
The American analog costs about 16 thousand dollars, the development of Ukrainian engineers will cost much less. The developers really hope that mass production will begin very soon.

The novelty was presented by the world record holder in Paralympic swimming Oleg Ivanenko. The first video posted by Oleg on the network in two weeks gained more than 110 thousand views. The generated interest prompted the athlete to the second video, in which he successfully overcomes rough terrain on a new gyro scooter: deftly enters a steep slope, drives between trees in the forest and rolls along the coastal sand on the banks of the Dnieper.

The technical characteristics of the model have not yet been specified. We are waiting for further news from the developers and testers of the novelty. 

Gyro scooter, gyro board: a relative, but improved
The ubiquitous Chinese came to the rescue, who, as they say, "chopped off all unnecessary", optimized the dimensions and took only the necessary - a gyro scooter appears on the scene, or in another way - a gyro board.

In fact, this is the same segway, but some differences make the gyro scooter ten times more attractive to the layman:

The foot platform is narrower and the wheels are more compact. The device now takes up less space. It no longer needs parking - there is enough space on the shelf in the closet.

There is no rudder, which significantly reduced the weight of the gyroboard. The wheels on the platform can already be simply taken in hand to enter the elevator or go down the subway.

Maneuverability. The compact size and sensitivity of the gyroscopes allow the rider to turn around on the spot, that is, it is quite possible to ride such a device (skillfully, of course) even at rush hour in a crowd.

Price range. Unlike the first segways, the new hoverboards have become affordable. If earlier only a wealthy American could afford such a toy, now you can buy a gyro board at the price of a budget smartphone and get your own piece of pleasure.

The variety of models attracts riders of different generations. Now everyone will find their own option to stand out from the crowd.

Differences between models: wheels are everything!
The main difference between the models of gyro boards on the market is the size of the wheels.

If you intend to ride on office corridors or flat pavement, then wheels with a diameter of 6.5 inches (16.5 cm) are fine.

The 8-inch (20.3 cm) will handle uneven pavement, but are unlikely to easily walk on the grass.

The largest - 10-inch (25.4 cm, they are already, as a rule, inflated with air) have a smooth ride and high ground clearance. A gyro board in this configuration will take you to the right place with a breeze.

In general, the essence is that with an increase in the diameter of the wheels, the passability of the gyro board and the speed of your movement increase.

Want to stand out? Manufacturers offer built-in speakers and Bluetooth modules so that the rider can also enjoy his favorite music.

In the dark, almost all platforms flash with LED lights so that a fast-approaching person can be seen from afar.

Some pluses? Do not relax, there are also disadvantages
To confidently stand on the gyro board, you will have to spend more time learning. Affected by the lack of a steering wheel. To master cool tricks, be patient.

When driving, you need to constantly keep your body under control. On the one hand, this is an additional workout for the muscles, but on the other hand, you won't ride like that for a long time.

Even experienced riders are advised to use protective ammunition: helmets, elbow pads, knee pads.

If the segway helps you bring bags from the store, then you can't put the bag on the gyro board. Here himself just to hold on. The backpack behind the back is the maximum.

The world is developing so rapidly that it is difficult to imagine what will happen tomorrow. Monocycles are already becoming popular - devices with one wheel and Kids Scooter for Sale in modern design are "smart" devices that are controlled via a smartphone.

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