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Posted by Doqfy E Stamp Online on April 14th, 2021

We witness an era where everything has become virtually possible yet it is as real as it gets. From our shopping experience to even meeting people, we have shifted to online platforms for our requirements. Technology combined with the current situation with a global pandemic has resulted in the growth of online services.

Our legal and official paperwork is one such thing that goes through many hands in order to become what it is. This shifting of our documents from multiple hands, then coming back in our hands makes them full of germs. The current situation calls for online software that could reduce the risks involved in the transfer of our paperwork.

Doqfy is one such platform that caters to all our legal and documentation needs through an online portal. You can avail services like paperwork and licenses for new businesses and even rental agreements on this platform. They have a number of offers which comprise of primarily the following:

  • E-Stamping
  • Franking
  • Notarising
  • Encumbrance Certificate
  • Affidavits and agreements like Rental Agreement

Their services are reliable in the modern world of technology and they offer their facilities to every corner of India. While you can sit and concentrate on your main jobs, Doqfy takes care of all the legal documentation needs of individuals, businesses and professionals.

Their speedy delivery along with time saving services achieves manifold objectives that are key aims of any business that wants to be sustainable in their operations. The reduction in the use of paper is their major advantage. By reducing paper and usage of other resources in the documentation process, they provide an economic and eco-friendly work environment.

In addition to this, all of their documents are legally valid which makes their services secure to use and explore. If you are a business or an individual professional on the lookout for an efficient service catering to all your legal paperwork needs, then Doqfy’s 1200 customisable document templates are the answer to your queries.

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