Indian Train Travel Everything You Need to Know

Posted by RailMitra on April 14th, 2021

Travelling by train in India is almost mandatory if you want to honestly say you have had a real Indian experience. It is comfortable, super fun, really social and easy on the budget. Indian Railways is among one of the biggest employers on the planet. India's train network is one of the largest, covering more than 115,000 kilometres and plying more than 23 million passengers daily. Train travel in India is the best way to see the country, it's culture, and it is much more eco-friendly than driving or flying.

Tips to Keep in Mind While Travelling by Indian Railways

However, navigating trains in India can be a bit daunting if you are a first-timer, so we have compiled this list of travel tips for understanding and mastering the Indian train travel guide!

1.Book your ticket in advance

The Indian railway system is vast and some times confusing, but you can follow some simple hacks that will assist you in preparing for your train travels in India. A timely ticket reservation is required if you have much time while waiting for your tickets to be confirmed. The booking on a trains ticket starts 120 days before the journey date. So be ready to book train tickets in advance.

2. Get to the Station Early

While there is always the chance that your train won't depart on time, that doesn't mean you should arrive with just a few minutes to spare. Railway stations can be massive (take a look at New Delhi's station for proof). Getting to the right platforms means navigating security screenings, lots of luggage, coolies, families sprawled out on blankets, and other nervous passengers. Once you are at the exact platform, you need to find your coach number and place your seat.

3. Take care of luggage self

It is simple and generally easy to find a lock or chain to secure your luggage at the foot of the berth or in the compartment. You can even rest your bag locked to the train, which can reassure you that no one will take your luggage in the middle of the night. The entire bag should be secured with a padlock – on the surface, but small locks are attached to closed zippers, so no – you can rummage through your stuff.

4. Eat healthy and nutritious food

If you need to have food on trains, try to get something fresh from the railway platforms and don't miss your train before it starts running. Or, if you don't want to face all these headaches, you can order fresh, hygienic and delicious food on the train from RailMitra and RailRestro, an official catering and tourism partner of IRCTC. It will be a good option if you are looking for nutritious and tasty food in trains to avoid any trouble while travelling.

5. Bring Hand Sanitizer and Toilet Paper

Bathrooms on Indian trains range from passably muddy to foul. And while the comfort of having a private toilet is not to be underestimated, you will need to ready yourself. Bathrooms in most travel classes have typical Indian squat toilets, toilet papers are not available, and a limited amount of running water. As with anywhere in India, you must carry a bottle of hand sanitiser.

6. Decide Which Class is Right for You

Figuring out which class of ticket you should purchase can be confusing because the names of each travel class can be a bit deceptive. Indian Railways train guide gives you full information about the train travel class:

● Unreserved General Class Compartment (UR)
● Sleeper Class (SL)
● Three Tier Air Conditioned Class (3A)
● Two Tier Air Conditioned Class (2AC)
● First Class Air Conditioned (1AC)
● Executive Air Conditioned Chair Car (1A)
● Air Conditioned Chair Car (CC)
● Second Sitting AC (2S)

Sleeper or 2nd Class are the budget categories. Contrary to the Sleeper class name, it's not exactly the most comfortable option. These compartments have open windows and lack air-conditioning, and great pains to secure your luggage under the seat with a lock and chain. We suggest picking a 3AC ticket. This travel class is also offered on almost every major train route.

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