How does the new car lemon law in Wisconsin protect the buyer?

Posted by Andrew Richardson on April 14th, 2021

Ending up purchasing a lemon isn’t a new thing. But, if you find safety issues with your lemon that cannot be repaired even after multiple repair attempts, then lemon law can help you get rid of it without spending even a penny.

According to the lemon law, the manufacturer can either replace the defective vehicle or provide reimbursement to the vehicle owner for the serious defects that makes the vehicle unsafe, inoperable, and unfixable. Both new and old cars are eligible to gain coverage until they are under the manufacturer’s warranty. 

How to know if my care is eligible for the claim?

For the vehicle to be eligible for the lemon law claim, it must fall into one or more categories, as suggested below:

1- Has substantial defect: Typically, the defects in your vehicle must be substantial and must affect the car’s operation. These defects can be anything from a problem in transmission, engine, brakes, or any other major parts.  

2- It meets the time or mileage limit: A car can also be considered a lemon if it meets certain mileage or time requirements. Such as, in some states, if a vehicle qualifies its first 24 months or 24,000 miles, regardless of what comes first. 

3- Meets the failed repair attempts: Some state’s lemon law may require the vehicle to under a specific number of failed repair attempts in order to file a legal complaint. 

4- Has been out for repair for significant days: Even this criterion is based on state. Some state may require the vehicle to be at the repair shop undergoing repair attempts for at least 30 days within a year. 

But when it comes to serious safety hazards, you may require taking the vehicle for a minimum of two repair attempts and a minimum of four times in case of a safety hazard that isn’t serious. 

Tips for filing lemon law

As an initial step, you may require sending a notice letter to the vehicle’s manufacturer first. This notice should contain the car’s problems, repair attempts, and the solution requested by a mechanic. 

In some states, this notice needs to be sent to the dealership instead of the manufacturer. 

Simultaneously you will require collecting documentation to prove total repair attempts made to fix the defect with the vehicle. 

Some new vehicle contracts may suggest a mandatory arbitration clause for settling disputes. But if it isn’t requested, then avoid arbitration. 

Likewise, if the automaker doesn’t accept the notice, then file a lawsuit. 

Now its your time for action

Go ahead! Hire a reliable lemon law attorney in Wisconsin and get started with your lawsuit according to the statutes of the new car lemon law in Wisconsin.

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