Cleaning Services License in Dubai

Posted by Beyond View on April 14th, 2021

Cleaning Services License in Dubai

Dubai is well-known for its skyscrapers. Many companies are set up here. For instance, start-ups, small-medium enterprises, multinationals. Many top brands in the world have their branches in Dubai. Dubai is desert land. The hot climate and sand affect the exterior of the buildings. A spotless and sparkling clean office has a positive impact on a client. Moreover, a shiny clean office building makes it prestigious among others. Therefore, investing in building cleaning services is of utmost importance in Dubai. Besides, the coronavirus pandemic has emphasized the need for a clean and sanitized workspace.

Therefore, building cleaning services licenses in Dubai are in high demand. The cleaning is done by professionals who have prior knowledge of the process and are trained in using different tools and cleaning products. It improves efficiency and effectiveness in cleaning, saves time, and also maintains health.

Types of Building Cleaning Services License in Dubai

  • Industrial Cleaning: It includes cleaning large office blocks and other corporate buildings.
  • Commercial Cleaning: It is done by specialized and highly skilled professionals in commercial spaces.
  • Residential cleaning: This can be done by an individual or a small team.

How to set up a Cleaning Service Company in Dubai?

  • Choose a trading name for the company. The name should adhere to the laws of the land. It should not be unambiguous. Moreover, no abbreviations or initials should be used.
  • The owner has to make an outline of the business activities to be performed. To select the type of company set up and license needed, the activities have to be specified.
  • The business can be set up in the mainland or Free Zones. The DED grants the license in the case of a company set up in the mainland. Whereas, in the case of company set up in a Free Zone, the respective Free Zone authority grants the license, but only limited number of free zones are providing this activity.
  • The license may be a professional license or a commercial license according to the type of activity.
  • The owner has to submit an application form along with a passport copy of the owner, passport size photo for the license application.
  • To get approval from the DED in the mainland, the owner has to:
    • arrange physical office space,
    • submit the tenancy contract,
    • open a corporate bank account.
  • In case of commercial license, the owner has to draft and submit a Memorandum of Association.
  • The owner also has to submit his visa and arrange an employment visa.


Building-cleaning services are of utmost importance in a city like Dubai. Moreover, the present Covid-19 situation has increased the need for cleaning services. Therefore, setting up a building cleaning services license in Dubai is highly profitable. We at Beyond View assist you to get the licenses in a hassle-free manner. Thus, making the setup of business easy.

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