Food Truck License in Dubai

Posted by Beyond View on April 14th, 2021

Food Truck License in Dubai


Dubai is a land where you will witness a mixture of culture, ethnicity, traditions, and most importantly food. The oil market and the construction boom have attracted a large number of ex-pats into this magnificent city. Moreover, the rising number of business opportunities has also led to this cultural mix. Among these industries, the food industry has grown a lot over the past few years. Besides, it offers a variety of restaurants from fast food joints to fine dining to pubs, bars, and food trucks. Food trucks have become a new craze among these people, opening new pathways for investment. Due to its popularity, the demand for Food Truck License in Dubai has also increased. If one is planning to open a Food truck business consider these following points:

Benefits of having a Food Truck License in Dubai

  • The cost of setting up a food truck is comparatively lower than setting up a restaurant.
  • Buying or leasing a food truck is also an affordable option. As buying or renting a truck is a lot cheaper than a restaurant.
  • The food truck can also be customized according to our personal preferences. For example, you can set up and include a lot of cuisines of your choice at an affordable price.
  • A food truck is a mobile restaurant that can be set up at various locations. Moreover, it gives you a chance to explore different markets.
  • Dubai city also provides you a supportive environment for businesses like these to grow. For instance, a lot of companies organize food truck shows for promoting and celebrating food festivals.

Process of Getting Food Truck License in Dubai

Firstly before setting up a food truck business you need to take approvals from the following departments like

  • Department of Economic Development
  • Dubai Municipality
  • Dubai Electricity and Water Authority
  • Road and Transport Authority

For obtaining a license form DED you need to do the initial steps:

  • Register and fill the application form
  • Reserve a trading name for your food truck business
  • Submit the required documents for verification like residence visa, passport copies of the owner, NOC from the current sponsor, etc.
  • After getting the initial approval, upload other documents like local service agent contract, lease agreement, etc. Additionally, submit the approval received from the Food Control Section for Restaurant License of Dubai Municipality.
  • While doing all these initial steps you should also submit a proper business plan. Moreover, it should provide an assurance to the government officials, that it is a carefully laid business plan.

Approval form HACCP

The kitchen and truck is an important aspect in setting up a food truck business. Besides, we need to take certifications from Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point(HACCP) considering various safety and hygienic factors.

  • The design of the food truck-This will include all the specific arrangements like the kitchen, the serving counter, the waste management system, the cooking system, etc. should be approved.
  • Blueprints of the food truck: This includes overall specifications of the food truck like kitchen setup including the provision for electricity, safety measures, entry doors, etc.

Other Processes

Choosing a Location: A business is successful only if we find an appropriate available location approved by the government authority which will solve various problems like accessibility to customers, availability of raw materials, etc. Moreover, we should choose a location based on factors like sales, popularity, locality. Cuisine, target customers, etc.

Buying or leasing a truck: Furthermore, we should buy or rent a truck that will form a base to do modifications. We can design our kitchen and counter according to our themes and personalized choices.

Finally, acquire the license for staring Food Truck Business in Dubai

The food truck business has proved to be a successful business idea for many entrepreneurs. Therefore, one can always try for new business opportunities.

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