Unleashing the potential of fine art in BC

Posted by Gallery421 on April 14th, 2021

Are you fond of fine art in BC but are waiting for the right platform to showcase your talent? If that is the case, you need to understand what fine art is and what potential it holds in the present times!

What is fine art?

From the classic art depicted by Michelangelo to Pablo Picasso and Leonardo Da Vinci, fine art has evolved with time, and it encompasses painting, drawing, sculpture making etc, which demonstrates the feelings of the artists through different mediums. A concept worth pondering over might be mushrooming up in your mind, but how do you intend to put it on paper? An artist is someone who has the skill to put the imagination into a picture and carve it into something worth admiration.

What is the potential of fine art?

Fine art is an effective way of thinking out of the box and letting your imagination run wild. Be it the Egyptians, Greeks, or the Romans, artists have taken the world by storm by creating some exemplary pieces like Mona Lisa, Head of a Woman, Last Supper, The Blue Period, and the list is endless. Every painting by these legends of fine arts is the depiction of their progressive thinking and ideologies. Studying fine art in BC is thus a gateway to a sea of opportunities because of the following reasons:

Understanding diversity: The world today is a common platform where people across genres come and communicate. Through fine arts, you get a chance to meet people from across the oceans and understand their beliefs, values, and cultures. This further widens your horizon and connects you to the world outside your zone.

Language of silence: Silence is the strongest mode of communication, and who better than an artist understands it. Studying fine arts is a means of delving deep into your emotions and thoughts and understanding the language of silence.

Platform to express: You can portray your feelings of aggression, passion, obsession, love, anger, hatred, etc., through your works. It is an excellent way to release toxins and come out as a refined soul. Keeping your emotions and thoughts confined to yourself can harm you in ways beyond your thoughts. But once you make some strokes on paper and try creating a story around it, you will enter a world of solace and tranquillity.

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