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Posted by Diamond Community Services on April 14th, 2021

According to the specialists working for one of the best homeowners association management Phoenixville companies, having the right HOA communication tools is mandatory. They believe that it’s the only thing you need to keep your community in the loop. An HOA functions the way it should only when the residents feel included, and for that purpose, the presence of an effective communication channel is crucial as it can improve the lives of the folks residing there. They won’t remain in the dark about the events taking place in their neighborhood. In most cases, no HOA ever keeps a resident uninformed, but it can happen accidentally, which, in turn, makes that resident feel that it’s intentional.


So, what communication channels should you choose for this purpose? For HOA management Phoenixville, a website should be your first choice as it will work as a one-stop-destination for everyone to find information concerning the community. Then again, a website isn’t a private platform, which means you can’t share everything through it. A website can be the perfect HOA communication tool if it allows residents to log in to a members-only portal. It makes posting public information and images possible on the websites. In doing so, potential residents can see what the community is all about what’s it like. Apart from gaining access to these information pieces, they can log into a backend portal.

Phone calls

An HOA can have several senior residents, and a website may not be the best platform for them. Phone calls will be significantly better as everyone knows how you pick it up, dial a specific number, and speak to the person on the other side. Phone calls prove especially useful during emergencies. However, this idea isn’t without flaws, either. You probably don’t want to remain stuck holding the receiver to your ear in an attempt to explain something to an elderly resident for thirty minutes. There’s a solution to this problem, of course. You may consider using software solutions that will allow you to type in your message and call people automatically. Whenever that resident picks up the phone, he/she will receive an automatic voice message.


You may also consider resorting to an emailing platform as it will let you send out information to your community regularly and even allow residents to reply to you. Email platforms are also free to use. The board can set up its email account without paying a dime for it and send notices to residents without incurring expenses. Then again, the most significant drawback of email is that the residents can choose the “reply all” option to every email you send to them without meaning to. As a result, things will get messy and embarrassing. If you wish to incorporate emailing services, then you must try to make them attractive while avoiding the “reply all” function. 

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