Adult Diaper Market: Insights into the Competitive Scenario of the Market

Posted by surendra choudhary on April 14th, 2021

Adult Diaper Market: Smart Adult Diapers Efficient Product to Manage Incontinence Issues

Smart diapers are proving to be a game changer in the hygiene space. With global sales in the adult diaper market totaling ~8.2 billion in 2018, the introduction of smart diapers can boost the overall growth of the adult diaper market, with estimated sales of ~USS 15.6 billion worth of adult diapers in the year 2027.

Unchanged diapers increase the risk of skin problems, including diaper rash, as many caregivers are unsure regarding the right time to change diapers. To address this issue, manufacturers in the adult diaper market are developing smart diapers with wearable sensor technology. This technology alerts the caregiver regarding when the diaper needs to be changed, and prevents the risk of skin problems. Effective prevention of skin problems saves a lot of time, money, and resources of the healthcare industry, as well as individual consumers.

Wearable sensor technology in adult diapers serves as an effective management technique, addressing the growing incidence of adult incontinence. As such, manufacturers in the adult diaper market are innovating on micro disposable hook fasteners that are gentle on the skin. These fasteners prevent leakages in diapers, and are integrated with sensors, which serves as an efficient product for consumers.

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Adult Diaper Market: Sustainable Value Chain Contributes Toward Circular Economy

The development of environmental-friendly and compostable adult diapers is contributing towards the motive of a circular economy. These plant-based diapers not only reduce environmental footprint, but also improve the skin health of patients and individuals. Manufacturers in the adult diaper market are developing compostable pads that are suitable for recycling through commercial composting. Besides, the belts, wraps, and pants of the diapers can be reused, which contributes towards a sustainable value chain.

Compostable adult diapers support the development of nutrient-rich compost. This compost is abundant with organic elements, and is used by the agriculture industry to replace chemical fertilizers. Manufacturers in the adult diaper market are collaborating with commercial composters to turn waste into a cost-efficient resource for compost, so as to cultivate raw materials such as cotton pulp used to develop adult diapers. Thus, manufacturers are preventing the accumulation of large volumes of waste diapers in landfills by converting them into a useful resource to develop organic compost.

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Flushable Diapers Reduce Burden of Caregivers in Healthcare Industry

Manufacturers in the adult diaper market are constantly reinventing their diapers to ease the load of caregivers and healthcare providers. The ministries of land and infrastructure in various countries are also strategizing on a roadmap that transforms the development of adult diapers.

New innovations in adult diapers have led to the development of flushable diapers that significantly reduce the burden of sanitary care in nursing homes and hospitals. For example, a country such as Japan, which has an increasing portion of graying society, is benefitted with the advantages of such flushable diapers.

However, the increasing use of incontinence products poses a huge burden for the efficient disposal of large volumes of odorous diapers on an everyday basis. The crushing of used diapers and flushing them down in special drain pipes doesn’t serve as an effective alternative, as certain particles take years to decompose. As such, technology companies are striving to develop prototypes of an equipment that can help separate excrement from adult diapers for effective disposal.

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