Employing rfid in school buses improves efficiency of bus drivers

Posted by Aaeesha on July 9th, 2015

When parents enroll their kid(s) to schools for give the best formal education there are so many aspects that are considered. The school reputation, the curriculum, location, faculty, language of communication and the fee structure are the main parameters to focus. There is a far more essential aspect that has become the biggest reason of ‘worry’ for most parents. It is the ‘Safety’ of the children while they commute in school buses. Yes, this is indeed the most important prerequisite that every parent insists from school authorities.

The concerns are genuine. Every time a school bus is a little late in the evening, the parent’s mind will start rushing to unpleasant conclusions. It may seem silly but then the hospital records in many cities reflect that the school buses accidents are increasing every year because of human or natural reasons. This is where the rfid school bus tracking system helps in a systematic way for real-time monitoring of the school buses and ensuring child safety to the maximum. This Radio-Frequency Identification software helps to track the whereabouts of the school buses while on the way to and from schools. The rfid in schools helps in improved conveyance planning and management.

The safety of children can be ensured to the maximum. The system helps to keep track on the whereabouts of the kids inside the school premises and more important when they board the respective school buses plying in definite routes. The attendance of the kids in the school buses before and after school can be easily monitored with the help of the rfid school bus tracking system. This is a smart and time saving technology to bring peace of mind for the school administration and the parents.

The parents or school are notified by way of SMS notifications and alert messages in case of any delay. In case of any unforeseen incident, the instant alert message helps to take the necessary steps to reach the definite located as tracked by the device and provide the best immediate safety to the children. Apart from informing the parents in case of delays, the rfid in schools works best towards helping the school in saving the maintenance costs of the vehicles. The tracking system ensures that the bus takes the right route and in case the driver falls out of the track and resorts to rash driving, the indication is sent to the authorities who will take the necessary action against him. The vehicles should be maintained properly and the drivers’ credibility should be checked from time to time to ensure safe driving for the safety of the children boarding the school buses.

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