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Posted by Malex Motorsports on April 14th, 2021

It is hard to look past Brian Tooley Racing when it comes to performance upgrades for your vehicle. Brian Tooley has been the industry leader in the performance industry for over 20 years, Malex Motorsports are proud to be a local stockist in providing true performance customisation options.

At the centre of the performance car industry in America, Tooley discovered the need for durable spring kits that could be provided at affordable prices, and has since been committed to work to this, having previously developed and sold a successful business around CNC cylinder heads. Tooley understands performance vehicles from end-to-end, and his new products are developed with ultimate performance in mind.

At Malex Motorsports, our mission is to ensure your customisation project is completed with ease, by taking the guess work out of matching the elements to agree with Brian Tooley Racing Cams. Malex Motorsports are LS Specialists, our kits come complete with collets, titanium retainers, valve stem seals and spring bases and we stock a range of associated parts.

Making sure getting this right is crucial. LS rocker trunnions can cause damage to engines and often fail, particularly when an aftermarket cam and springs have been fitted. Although trunnion upgrades are available, the Brian Tooley Racing rocker shafts take it to a higher level. The factory rockers are secured with the use of a single bolt, and are susceptible to deflection at high RPM the rocker shaft system makes use of five bolts for every two rockers, thus virtually abolishing this issue. Installation is also easy, Malex Motorsports offer tools specifically developed to assist with this installation.

Benefits of Brian Tooley Racing

In an interview with Race Pages Digital, Brian Tooley stated that his philosophy to product design was driven by two key principles: doing the finest job you can all the time, and the significance of people. This philosophy has permitted Brian Tooley Racing to concentrate on expertise and innovation, and he has surrounded himself with a team of people that are committed to offer the top technology on the market.

Brian Tooley Racing’s solutions are dedicated to delivering the highest level of performance while preserving outstanding drivability. Brian Tooley Racing aims to promote the experience of driving, and in doing so the company has gained the respect and liking of drivers and enthusiasts worldwide.  

Brian Tooley Racing’s philosophy is closely related with Malex Motorsports, and that’s why the product line is such an organic fit within our range. You’ll discover complimentary products and solutions across our range, and we are committed on having a profound understanding of how to make the utmost use of each component, so that we can offer our clients with valuable and honest advice, irrespective of their personal experience with customisation projects.

We are wholly familiar with Brian Tooley Racing products and are delighted to answer any questions you might have. Contact us on XXXX to discuss whether they’re right for your project!

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