Why Should You Choose Thin Client Technology?

Posted by igelclient on July 9th, 2015

Thin client offersa network that allows access to data and information without the need for a hard drive. This means that the computers and smart devices will be connected to the network through a server. This server is a powerful computer that is dedicated to managing different devices such as printers. The clients therefore rely on these servers for files and other resources.

The clients are connected to the server through a thin client network. This network therefore provides access to information and data in the office no matter the location. The data and the applications are centrally located on the server allowing this access. Centralization is important because it allows you to save time and money.

The best news about this technology is that it allows you to access applications from the server no matter the OS. The most common ones are Windows and Linux. Here are reasons why you should consider this technology in your business.

Access to infrastructure

This technology allows you to access infrastructure that is already integrated to suit the needs of the business or office. There is no need to add new software when you need it. You simply configure the device on the network. Computers that use this technology are very flexible. You have the advantage of accessing different protocols depending on the features that you need.


You cannot compromise on the security of your network. It is important to use software and a network that is secure from hacking and malware. This technology is known for preventing these viruses from accessing your system. This is because of the use of OS that is read only. There is no need to protect all clients in the network. All you need to do is ensure that the central server is secure.

Savings are guaranteed

The aim of business is to make sure that you use the least resources to achieve your goals. This technology allows you to cut on IT costs significantly. This is because management of the system is done on one central server. In case of any issues, the network administrator is able to detect it early and rectify these issues. Consequently, maintenance of the system is economical. There is no need to purchase new PCs. You also do not need to purchase licenses for software for all computers in the office.

Technology makes work easier. You need to be able to work effortlessly and access information within no time. Finding data should be easy and so should be transmitting it. Therefore, thin clients create an ideal work environment.

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