How Thin Client Software Revolutionized the Work Environment

Posted by igelclient on July 9th, 2015

When the PC and internet were invented years ago, we were all excited that we had an opportunity to work with a machine that made work fun and exciting. Then, better and improved devices and technology were invented. It began to matter how much time it took for data to be processed in the office. Thin clients promised to get rid of the bulky PC and replace it with a lighter and functional machine.

Thin client for windows has revolutionized the work environment from the simple fact that you do not need a hard drive in your machine to use the computer. This technology allows connection of the PC to a virtual server. The operating system, OS, is connected to a flash memory, not a hard drive. Information and other data are stored on this virtual server. This allows you to send and receive data no matter where you are in the office. With availability of the internet, you can send emails, print documents and store all the information on a cloud for easy accessibility.

For the system to work smoothly, you need thin client software. Here is some of the best software in the market:

  1. The desktop converter: As the name suggests, this software converts the desktop infrastructure of the traditional computer to a better and improved machine. There is no need to change your PC. You will still use it, but without it getting slow because of updates or suffering the risk of malware. The desktop converter comes with protocols that allow you to access data and other applications that you need to work. This software is configured in the OS.
  2. For the network administrator, it is important that he manages the software remotely. He therefore needs management software. This software is important because it keeps the administrator informed on the functioning of the entire terminal. In case of any suspicious activity in the network, he will detect it immediately. The best thing about this management software is that it can incorporate thousands of machines and devices at the same time. Big companies will need extension software in cases where 500 devices or more are connected to the network. Simply, the software will allow the network to remain powerful and user friendly.

Windows terminal services allow users the control of the virtual machine as long as they are connected to the network. You therefore do not need to worry about the administrator restrictions. This is why this technology is gaining popularity. You therefore can enjoy work because of this technology.

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