Who Can File a Lawsuit Against Low T Drugs?

Posted by Lawsuit Information on July 9th, 2015

Men both young and old that have been marketed low-T drugs for reasons other than hypogonadism may be eligible for compensation for problems caused by the drugs. The FDA made a recent statement that the drugs do cause an increased risk of death and heart attacks. Sadly men have experienced many other problems from these falsely advertised drugs as well. These problems include prostate cancer, cardiovascular disease, blood clots, depression, erectile dysfunction, pain urinating, increased urination, mood swings, aggression, and many more terrible side effects.

The companies marketing these drugs have made doctors and patients believe that low-T therapies are good for boosting the libido when this is not the case. This drug was only approved for use by men with low testosterone who have what is called hypogonadism. Only a very small percentage of the population actually has this problem. The rest of men will, according to the FDA, received no added benefit from taking this drug and they are at risk for heart attack within days of taking it.

Moreover older men, men with liver, kidney or heart problems as well as diabetics are at an even greater risk for complications. These drugs interact very badly with steroids and diabetic medications. If you or a loved or experienced any of the symptoms described above, you may be eligible for compensation for medical expenses, continuing care, funeral costs, loss of income and emotional trauma.

Sadly many people now have the impression that these drugs will aid in workouts and sexual performance. There are only about 1000 lawsuits pending so far from men who have taken their issues to the federal courts but many more are expected. Abbvie, Inc spent 0 million falsely advertising their low-t drug Androgel to people and made over a billion in profits off of it in 2012. This is a huge injustice to men and to their families and friends who are also being affected.

If you were prescribed androgel for a purpose other than hypogonadism or low-t then you may be eligible for a lawsuit and compensation. Furthermore if you were prescribed a different low-t medication such as Depo-Testosterone, Androderm, Bio-Ti gel, Testim, Testopel, Axiron, Fortesta, Striant or Delatestryl, you also may be eligible, especially if you experienced adverse effects. Even the loved ones affected by this may be eligible for filing a lawsuit.

If you're considering filing a lawsuit you will want to know the manufacturer of the product and of course the name of the product you took. Make a list of side effects and collect information from your doctor. Hopefully large companies like Abbvie, Inc will realize they are acting unethically and the public will become aware of these dangerous false marketing tactics. Please share this information with your community to put an end to this injustice. Also if you have been a victim of this, realize that you deserve compensation and a qualified lawyer should not take a fee from you unless you get a settlement.

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