A Natural Answer To Cancer

Posted by Vanness on April 15th, 2021

In August 2001, NBC headlined the story, The Most Effective Treatment For Aids And Cancer In History! But to this day, we don't have a cure for aids. Or for Cancer? What happened?

Chelation and other IV treatments should be used in moderation for very serious cases. One of their major drawbacks is that they bypass the natural openings in the body: the mouth, the skin and the nose. These are the three mediums by which we are meant to receive physical nutrients into the body.

A better way is to widen the market for existing use. The best example of this is with cholesterol lowering medications. Over the years the "normal" cut off has been gradually lowered. Every time the cut off is lowered a group of people are reclassified as "needing" drugs when the day before they did not. Similar reclassification of healthy people as those needing treatment occurs when blood pressure targets are lowered.

It occurred to me then that many of our older citizens have seen fantastic advances in medicine during their lifetimes - and have grown to trust and believe in doctors and the pills they prescribe. Somehow that trust has kept them from noticing that a good number of today's medications can be deadly.

I am a nurse and do know the importance of Pharmaceuticals. But wouldn't it be nice to occasionally put down that pill bottle and get the same benefits by using an all natural herbal or nutritional supplement?

This advice goes to the "healthy" folks out there too! Consider 85% of diseases are lifestyle related. If you aren't taking charge and taking responsibility for your wellness you have a really high probability of joining the ranks of those with chronic illness. So get off your couch! Stop saying you don't have time to exercise learn more or cook healthy meals. In a REAL WAY you DON'T have time. You don't have time to waste making excuses. "Healthy" people don't have to be victims of lifestyle diseases UNLESS you choose to be by your choices! Dr Dean Ornish (and others) have shown in their research that bad genes can be turned off or kept from being turned on at all by your choices in diet and lifestyle.

Number 2. There is a strong link between increasing exercise and lowering depression. There are chemical and psychological reasons why this is so, but it works.

Making "patients" out of healthy people is good business if your business is selling pharmaceuticals. Taking pharmaceuticals that you may not need is not good for you or your wallet.

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