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Cartier is one of the world-renowned jeweler, designed and produced by the aristocracy loved celebrities, renowned Chinese and foreign, and introduce the brand there are numerous historical reports. Earlier, Hong Kong, Bonhams invite Cartier posterity Francesca Cartier Brickell give talks, let the audience see the little-known history of the brand, from the perspective of a new awareness of its uniqueness.

Francesca Cartier Brickell was the late Jean-Jacques Cartier’s granddaughter. Before Cartier sold the business in 1970 in London, Jean-Jacques Cartier was the last member of the Cartier family run stores. In the past decade, Francesca Cartier Brickell committed to research their family history and brand, so she is the ideal person to talk on this topic. In addition to the mysterious history of the brand’s introduction outside, Brickell named “Cartier family: creative inspiration behind” (Cartier from a Family Perspective: Looking at the Inspiration behind the Innovation) lecture also introduces the Bonhams was 2015 6 January 3 (Wednesday) of magnificent jewels and jade cartier jewelry auction, the auction will include a batch made in the early 1900s Cartier boutique debut.

Before Bonhams specially invited guests and media, graceful and elegant Brickell meanders wonderful anecdotes and Cartier jewelry presentation is focused on the auction, such as Rudyard Kipling, launched in 1894, how the classic story The Jungle Book Inspired Cartier love jewelry, as well as why the company in 1917 with a value of $ 1 million pearl necklace exchange Fifth Avenue townhouse, is still the company’s New York headquarters.
However, the evening’s most touching anecdotes occur in the near future, Brickell shared a startling discovery: she found a long-forgotten suitcase in his grandfather’s cellar, which holds the hundreds of letters and other historical documents reveal Cartier family and company little-known history.


Catier Little Fox Ring in 18k Pink Gold

Brickell review after that time, she said: “I went to the cellar to find his grandfather who wish to enjoy the precious bottle of champagne, he suddenly saw a written abbreviation JC suitcase, covered with stamps from all over the world above, it seems a long time did not open Finally, I found not only Jean-Jacques father and brothers Jacques and Pierre Louis personal letters in more than a century ago, and also gain insights into how Cartier jewelry replica eligible for the king and queen, princely states, rich and unique film and television celebrity commissioned jewelery After. ”

Brickell said that those letters so she can understand behind the creative process of Cartier’s most famous works, and the most enduring theme ideas, detailed explanation of the Cartier brothers how the contemporary art, architecture and ballet, as well as nature, aviation, and modern warfare has made creation inspiration. Brickell also making skills and therefore recognize major works, including the Chinese mystery series 1920 watch carefully using kingfisher feathers method to create special effects.

However, the most spectacular we can through these letters, Cartier brothers personally understand how to develop new customers, and how to get to know the 20th century celebrity. Brickell recalled, Louis Cartier good at communication, often senior nightclub in Paris and contemporary celebrity party, including the influential writer and filmmaker Jean Cocteau. Brickell said: “He likes the locations include Paris was the latest and most fashionable nightclubs Maxim’s.” She went on to say:. “Maxim’s is the man with the lover tryst place, his wife will not set foot here, so this is an ideal location for doing business, he said The office for the second, because here consciousness of consciousness of a man, have the opportunity to bring commissioned two jewelery business …

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Cartier Maison's Emblematic Panther Bracelet in 18kt Pink Gold with Black Onyx, Black Lacquer and Garnet

The lecture is Bonhams seminar recently held a master class series, a comprehensive display of the past and historical details of how to make meaningful antiques and period pieces become respected treasures, but also to consolidate the Bonhams authoritative position in the jewelry industry . Indeed, Bonhams is the largest global luxury jewelery sales in the international auction house, Bonhams Hong Kong is Asia’s only active endorsement and promotion have no endorsement era fake cartier jewelry auction.

Bonhams (Asia) jewelry department director Graeme Thompson, said: “Through this golden opportunity, Francesca Cartier can share Cartier’s tradition and insights from modern family angle Cartier jewelry replica master classes Bonhams this time organized by the Hong Kong public. bring a unique opportunity to learn in-depth understanding of the global luxury brand. ”

In addition, when talking about the past, a series of Bonhams jewelry big triumph, Thompson said: “These jewels can bring investment opportunities, because they will only see rare these treasures more valuable, collectors bought these jewels. after, can exclusive. “

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