Top 5 Reasons to Use Dynamics CRM Portal

Posted by CRMJetty on April 15th, 2021

Issues such as dealing with customer support and regulatory agencies are well-known. As we know, no one likes endless forms, long waiting times, and queues. And if you think that only customers are frustrated with this process, then you're wrong. Even businesses like yours have to cope with streamlining processes and applications.

Thanks to technology, you can now digitalize customer support. And portals would make it much better. You can manage your customers' data and even streamline your entire process.

However, you would need a practical, easy-to-use solution. A solution such as a Dynamics 365 Portal. It would make all your tasks like cases, documents, accounts management seamless. And not only the process, but it will also keep records in detail.

Let us check out the features of the Dynamics CRM Portal.

1. Easy Configuration and User-Friendly

Dynamics 365 Portal expands the functionality of MS Dynamics CRM. In addition to compact layouts, it consists of organized and stacked elements on the dashboard. Using it, customers can navigate through the portal smoothly.

Talking about the configuration, you can deploy the plugin rapidly. You can install and start using it within a few minutes. As an admin, all you have to do is sign in to the system and configure accordingly.

2. Problem Solving

As a business owner, your major goal is to enhance your customer experience by eliminating all the problems they face. Also, you need to ensure that the process is hassle-free.

Here's how a Dynamics Portal helps you with it. It provides a ticketing system that will process your database and keep the records in detail.

One of the major benefits of this ticketing system is that it enables CRM users to communicate with customers and resolve their issues without contacting via email or long calls. It also allows managing cases, documents, accounts, schedules, reducing efforts and saving time.

3. Smart Dashboard

Dynamics CRM Portal comes with BI integration, which means you can fetch data and view the customer insights directly on the dashboard. It provides an intuitive interface and smooth navigation. The collected data provides quick insights, which in turn help take proper business decisions. Power BI integration makes the dashboard smart and can increase business productivity on a more prominent front.

4. Document Management

Have you wondered what if the two powerful platforms, i.e., SharePoint and Dynamics 365, come together? It would make task management a cakewalk. Fortunately, Dynamics Portal allows integration of SharePoint. With it, you can share all the documents with your internal team directly from the portal. It curbs all the miscommunication or delays in the task. The native-level collaboration enhances the business workflow.

However, for integrating SharePoint with Dynamics 365, first, you need to install SharePoint. Secondly, you must have system administrator rights for CRM and SharePoint. According to your requirements, locate the SharePoint site or create a new collection. Add it to the trusted site, and proceed with the actual integration.

5. Data Safety

As a business owner, you already know the importance of data security. How deleting a single invoice entry can affect your business and your customers' loyalty? Change in the loyalty points, customer data are the issues we hear about on the news.

If you want to protect your customers' data, you need to bring in a customer solution where data would remain in your CRM and get processed over there. The one that I would recommend is Dynamics CRM Customer Portal. It keeps all the data in the CRM, eliminating the chances of leaks and breaches.

Final Thoughts

The traditional way of dealing with customer queries is past gone. Customers don't want to visit the help desk or reach out to call centers for help. Instead they want an instant solution, one that will allow them to resolve their queries themselves. And when thinking about such a solution, the best answer is Customer Portal. And as Microsoft knows tech better than others, what could be better than a Dynamics 365 Portal?

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