Donít Know If You Are Really Addicted To Smoking? Read To Find Out

Posted by Achieve Awareness Hypnosis on April 15th, 2021

You think you smoke because you want to but it is certainly not that simple. Wanting to smoke frequently is a sign that may have a nicotine addiction. Nicotine is a drug found naturally in tobacco and is addictive. Its addiction seems to have the same characteristics as heroin or cocaine addictions.

Nowadays, teenagers start smoking one cigarette a day which gradually progresses and reaches a stage where they are burning up one pack a day. Why is that so? It is because your body builds a high nicotine tolerance with time. So to now feel that ‘high’ and buzz of pleasure and happiness, you will need more nicotine than you did in the past. This is one of the major signs that you are addicted to smoking.

Want to find out if you are really addicted to smoking? Look for these signs:

Smoking despite illnesses

Smoking increases the risk of lung cancer and cardiovascular diseases. People who are addicted to smoking have a high chance of continuing even after being diagnosed with any one or more of the illnesses. It is not good to smoke even if you have a sore throat but smokers who are addicted tend to ignore their health completely.

Withdrawal symptoms

Most smokers must have tried to not light a cigarette for at least a few hours if not for one whole day. Someone who is addicted to smoking will start to experience withdrawal symptoms such as anger and frustration. Besides these, they sometimes also experience irritability, depression, dizziness, restlessness, and headaches. All of these symptoms are accompanied by a major craving for nicotine. The severity of these symptoms mainly depends on how much you smoke or how long you have been smoking.

These withdrawal symptoms happen to be the biggest reason behind their failure to quit smoking.

There are several reasons for people to start smoking. Some start in their teenage years due to peer pressure while others do it because they have parents who smoke. Some people also smoke because they believe that it is a cool thing to do.

People who wish to quit smoking and eliminate the habit altogether use different strategies such as:
- Finding a distraction
- Reminding themselves time and again why they want to quit
- Avoiding situations where they are likely tempted to smoke
- Find the hypnotherapy for smoking cessation as support

To get completely rid of this unhealthy habit, you can find the hypnotist smoking cessation program which best suits you. It is considered one of the most effective methods to help people quit smoking.
In case you want to quit or know of someone who wants to, this program is recommended as one of the best!

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