What is the best sliding gate motor?

Posted by Jerry Lin on April 15th, 2021

Slide Gate Operators are Most Commonly Used for commercial gate automation systems. However, Slide Gates are an excellent choice for residential driveway gate automation when the site has steep grades prohibiting the use of a swing gate, or other site restrictions. Slide Gates use V-groove wheels on a track and gate roller guides that are used to guide the gate and keep it upright. A mooring point, also called a gate catcher, is located on the opposite post to stabilize the gate in the closed position. There are two types of Slide Gate Opener Installations; With a Standard Installation, the gate operator is mounted by the gate opening with the chain visible on the inside bottom of the gate.
Automatic sliding gate openers are available either with or without a mechanical clutch, Available as 230/110V or 24V operated. The 24V versions of sliding gate motor can be operated by battery, allowing the sliding gate kit to work even in case of complete electrical failure when sliding gate electric motor can’t work. Automatic gate installer kits are also provided to facilitate with the setting up process of sliding gate electric motor. Ossden provides a wide range of models of automatic sliding gate depending on the weight of the gate that needs to be operated by electric motors for sliding gates. All the automatic sliding gate openers are equipped with a high-performance electric motors for sliding gates that has a long life. There is also a provision of a manual lever in all the electric sliding gate openers to ensure their operation in case of a blackout.
Sliding gate kit comprises of automatic gate motor that is manufactured with high quality materials like aluminum, bronze, and steel making us one of the premium sliding gate motor supplier.
Outdoor gates and openers must be designed to withstand a variety of working conditions: rain, wind, cold and heat place high demands on the material and functionality. The use of high-quality, maintenance-free materials guarantees the longevity and trouble-free use of our openers which we strive to attain. We have different opener concepts available to meet the special needs of residential and commercial users - the Comfort and Dynamic concepts.
Sliding Gates are a mix of convenience and class. While there are many types of gates, this particular type uses a rack and pinion technology where the rack is moved by the gear motor by sliding the gate on the track which is made by toughened MS. When the question about the size of gate that can be automated, you can be assured that any gate weighing between 200 to 4000kg can be automated.
The main part of an automated sliding gate is its gate motor. These gate motors come in two different variants - AC and DC. The major difference is that DC motors are used for small gates with battery backup and solar power, whereas AC motors are used in gates that are on the heavier side for its might and durability. To tackle the issue of a power failure, our motors are equipped with a manual mode function – meaning, it can operate even in case of a power failure. All the motors are with non-reversible gear box which helps in locking the gate even without a drop bolt or any kind of lock.
To avoid any type of accident, we’ve made these gates smart! These motors are intelligent enough to track any obstacle and stop whenever it detects anything on its way, preventing any kind of physical damage to man or machine. Since the gear box is oil based, the operation is absolutely silent and protected by a thermal switch to safeguard, it in case of any overheating. The advance electronic control unit permits opening time adjustment, partial opening, automatic closing, step by step control, stop safety, reverse safety etc.

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