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Every novice fisherman will certainly appreciate the fishing tips, which can be very helpful in the beginning. If you are going to go to the water, then we bring you some such tips. These are basic tips, but everyone can take what really suits them.

Start by choosing a suitable place

At the beginning of everything, try to go to a place that will be a bit inaccessible, because that's where you can be sure that other fishermen do not go and you will find an interesting catch. Whether it is carp, pike, catfish or other fish. It is the places under mature willows and shrubs that are an ideal refuge for fish. If you wish to discover extra information about fishing, you've to look at Fishers Line website.

The magic of fishing also lies in a certain inconspicuousness. Not only will you blend in with nature, but you will also choose the appropriate fishing equipment. Whether it's the thickness of the line or other fishing components.

Fishing tips for suitable bait


Definitely do not underestimate the choice of fishing feed. Feel free to feed the areas thoroughly in advance so that the fish know where to go next for food. On the other hand, do not overdo it with feeding. The returning fish will then more easily jump on the bait attached to the hook.

Even in the case of the bait itself, there are no limits to creativity and imaginativeness. Undoubtedly, one of the fishing tips is that you wrap the bait in delicious essences before throwing it into the water. This will increase the attractiveness for the fish.

The first failure must not discourage you

Fishing tips should certainly include the fact that fishing definitely does not end with the first, second or third and subsequent failure. After all, this hobby is mainly about peace, fun and relaxation. If you persevere, the coveted catch will come, which you have been waiting for a long time.

The above fishing tips are, of course, just a small taste of what we will bring you in some other articles. However, be sure that by following them, you significantly increase the chance of a dream catch. And that is undoubtedly worthwhile to every fisherman. No doubt about it.

The big catfish is one of the largest freshwater fish


If you are a lover of fish and fishing in general, you have certainly wanted to catch something bigger than, for example, pike. How about focusing on a real giant in this direction, which is a big catfish? Fish reaching an average length of about 1.5 meters. However, larger pieces are no exception. An average weight of up to 20 kilograms or more is clear evidence that such fishing will be literally fun.

The big catfish is from the catfish family

The big catfish rightfully belongs to the group of the largest freshwater fish in Europe. Its appearance is recognizable at first glance. An elongated body, a low head and a really big muzzle with long beards on the sides. The catfish has a really massive jaw with a number of sharp small teeth.

Although it is not very common in our country, pieces reaching a length of three meters and a weight of 300 kilograms were caught in Europe. Then the comparison of the largest freshwater fish in Europe is definitely in place.

Where does Catfish Occur?

The catfish lives primarily in slow-flowing waters. Its home is muddy watercourses, which are equipped with denser terrain and a number of obstacles. These serve catfish as their primary homeland. Next to ponds, you can find them in the blind branches of rivers and rather in the warmer regions of the Czech Republic. In the Czech Republic, these are mainly water reservoirs.

The catfish peels off anything

It is true that the big catfish does not feed only on zooplankton, as one might think. This large freshwater fish is able to eat duck and other small birds on the water in adulthood. If a catfish is not caught during its lifetime, it can live to be up to 50 years old. It is also interesting that its growth is faster in warm than in cold water.

If your big fishing goal is to become a big catfish, then you should not underestimate its senses. Any significant noise or light on the shore is a warning to him that he should leave the place as quickly as possible.

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