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One of the most popular cities to work in is Bangalore or the Silicon city of India. Bangalore does not have a shortage of work opportunities in all fields. We all have heard the term inside sales, inside sales jobs opportunities in Bangalore are very much available especially with B2C companies. To point out a fact that inside sales and outside sales are two ways of selling. Inside sales are usually done through phone calls or video conferencing or other modes that work from inside an office. Inside sales are the act of identifying, nurturing, and turning leads into customers remotely. In recent years, inside sales has become one of the most popular sales models in high-value industries as buyers have become more comfortable purchasing and collaborating remotely.

Whereas outside sales is a salesperson going door to door and selling products. Basically, you have two departments here Sales Development Reps and business development Reps. SDRs, target individuals who have interacted with the website, maybe through a chat, accessed a free demo, downloaded content, etc, BDRs are the cold callers. Wondering what cold calling is? Well, let me tell you what cold calling is, have you ever gotten a random call from an individual to sell something that you may or may not be interested in? And they adamantly insist that you are in dire need of their sales and services? That is cold calling this is not telemarketing, inside sales are professionally skilled and knowledgeable. Most inside sales representative job listings require at least a high school diploma and several soft skills. Many inside sales representatives also complete additional training programs and pursue optional certifications.

Inside sales are all about capitalizing and generating leads and using it to the maximum potential by using a data-driven approach. To use the best of Inside sales, having a CRM or a Customer Relationship Management software can go a long way to make your work more manageable. CRM software will give you an overview of all your sales activities and help you stay on top of your pipeline. Most importantly, a great CRM system will arm you with the critical information and organizational tools you need to manage relationships more effectively—which is at the core of effective inside sales. Whom are you trying to sell to? Who is your target audience? What is their requirement? And what is the typical roadblock in closing the sale?

These are the questions that the best inside sales professionals should ask and try to find the answers. They study the inner workings of each company to understand exactly whom they need to speak with and what the organization’s goals are. This is frequently used with small industries and companies because of its cost-effectiveness, slowly even the larger corporates are shifting to inside sales models rather than outside sales models.

In 2017, inside sales made up 43.5% of professional salespeople. It is anticipated that many sales teams will reach a 50/50 balance of inside and outside sellers. In recent research, conducted by Hubspot studies have shown that nearly 68% of sales leaders say they'll adopt either a hybrid or fully remote selling model in 2021. While many of them started up with an outside sales team and a sales development team and as the company progressed and the revenue grew they split roles to accommodate better customer support. The buyers of today are becoming more tech-savvy. As they're purchasing more goods for personal use on Amazon and other websites, it is natural to expect this model to work seamlessly in the B2B environment as well.

Now, Bangalore is a big city where everyone lives a variety of lifestyles. A lot of companies are changing their perspective and making all sales and services available online. And since the pandemic has hit the world no one wants to venture out, to make their lives easier inside sales jobs are preferred over the counterpart. Hiring inside sales is much safer than going door to door. This has given inside sales an edge. Bangalore has a lot of options for inside sales jobs. Which is cheaper and more efficient. One earlier advantage that the outside sales reps had was that they could personally build a rapport and we as humans grove and preen over the attention that is lavished by the salesperson.

But now with the advent of various technologies inside sales reps can now conduct demos, give presentations through video conferences and webinars. Inside sales is a good option if you want long-term stability in your career. According to Payscale in Bangalore, an average individual working as an Inside sales representative earns around ₹457,880 per year. The average salary tends to differ as the position changes an inside sales manager will have a different salary or an Inside sales executive working in Bangalore will have a different salary. As will the counterpart that is outside sales as it tends to bring in more experience and hence it demands a higher salary, and according to the research conducted by Hubspot, it is shown that it is 36% higher than inside sales representatives. Majorly a company consists of more inside sales reps than outside sales reps.

Inside sale is a prospect that has a wide scope to grow especially with the various opportunities in a city like Bangalore which has a rather high demand for inside sales managers and representatives. It's crucial many companies support inside and outside sales collaboration for increased chances to reach sales targets. To conclude that inside sales are the way to go would be wrong, trying out different methods by the organizations seems like a good way to see which option is more reliable. To find out what is the need of the hour in the market. What your client or customers prefer and best suits their needs. If you want to work in Inside sales in Bangalore InterviewCracker has a lot of work opportunities for you or visit

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