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Posted by Swayam India on July 10th, 2015

How do you design your own bedroom? Most of the people remain confused about room decorating ideas. The beautiful room makes the perfect retreat from the stresses of everyday living. Make your sleeping den relaxing and refreshing with soothing designs. So take a look at easy to steal room decorating ideas:

Start with colors that creates a relaxing space:

A complementary color scheme create a restful and joyous living environment. With different perosnlaities, the room décor theme can vary. For instance, A teen space need the burst of bold colors and prints on lush layers. The mix and match linens can bring a shade of different colors.

Choose fabric wisely:

Depending upon your lifestyle needs, choose the bed linen. In a room with higher chances for spills, choose a easy to maintain fabric like cotton. For the lush bedding, make choices between silk, chenille and satin.

Redesign the pillows for tailored look:

Start with a fabric you love. Pillow is meant to be right beneath your head, so let it reamin cushiony and soft. With a dash of bright colors, no doubt you make turn them into decorative accents for complementing the décor theme.

Ruffle with bed skirt:

One fashion is to maintain one of a kind of skirt for your linens. Spread the more exquisite designs to cover up the bed that adds dimension to the overall look. Tuck the top sheet under the mattress for a crisp and clean line. Reinforce in your color scheme to create a welcoming look.

Choosing the right bedding sheets:

Think on a variety when you’re buying the linen closet. Go for comfortable linen that provides you with the cozy warmth. Make necessary changes with many sets of sheets: one on the bed, another in the laundry and some kept extras in stores. Also invest in for summer and winter.

Proper care for sheets:

Always launder new layers to remove residual sizing, finishes or odors. Dry them too low to medium heat. Launder them at high temperatures that will dry out cotton fibers. Minimize wrinkling that promptly renders the colors.

Get a whole new look with the seasons:

Give the room a whole new look that reflect the season. For instance, to get the early bed for fall and winter, you need to offer tactile and visual warmth with light color contrasts. They promise to offer comfort you on long winter nights.

What to look for personal style:

Mix up your own bouquet of sheets, coverlets or pillowcases to make a creative statement. With complete bed linen sets, it becomes so much easy and a faultless project to change bedroom theme. For a tailored look, wrap the bed with fun and funky design elements or even a skirt.

Create color schemes with cushions:

Not just pillows, with cushion covers in solids and interesting prints, interesting bedding can be created. They adds to the comfort and style of the bedding. In varied sizes, shapes and colors, let them surround you and create a cozy aura.

Buy bed sheets online to transform the look of the entire room. Swayam offers creative bed sheets for a pure luxury and impressive lifestyle. They are made up of mix and match patterns for the harmony in designing your bedroom.

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